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Sculptural_ Greg Faulkner

Faulkner Architects Border on “Phenomenological”

Greg Faulkner of Faulkner Architects is a man of few words. The architect lets his site-and context-driven designs speak...

Olson Kundig Explores the Aesthetic of Art, Nature & Architecture

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by nature and enjoying sublime landscapes of mountains, lakes and rivers...

Louis Kahn salk institute sunset photo

Louis Kahn Salk Institute is a Modernist Masterpiece

Louis Jonas Salk founded the Salk Institute—a private, nonprofit biomedical research facility on a bluff overlooking the...

New Redondo Beach Contemporary Home is SoCal’s Best Offering

Set in the South Bay, this home combines a soft palette of off-white tones with Ipe wood and one-of-a-kind finishes that...

01 Treadwell_studioschicketanz_Big sur

Big Sur Vacation Home With Panoramas Of The Coast

It took over a year to complete this 1,900-square-foot house, built on a 40-acre site in Big Sur and surrounded by natur...

3-Level Mediterranean Style By William Hefner

Set on a sloping, half-acre lot, this three-level property takes its cues from French and Spanish architecture. The owne...

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Chic Party Picks

1 Frontgate Mooreland Heights Wreath $319, 2 L’Objet Pinecone Spice Jewels (Set of 2) $495, 3 Circa Lighting Mia Large Chandelier Designed by John Rosselli $5,249, circalight...

Kitchen & Dining


Luca Manderino Delights South Bay With Sosta

“The core of Venetian cuisine is very similar to Japanese—concentrated on the product, not on the sauce that surrounds the product,” says Luca Manderino, South Bay restaurateur, explaining the differe...