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Designing Zeru Miami: Faci Leboreiro’s Artful Fusion of Spanish Soul and Miami Vibes

Transporting you to the sun-soaked shores of the Spanish Coast, Zeru, the latest endeavor by Mexico City-based design studio Faci Leboreiro, has made its debut in Miami's vibrant Brickell neighborhood. Spanning 4,843 square feet, this third installment of the Zeru Group took two years to meticulously craft, marking the brand's inaugural venture beyond Mexico City.



Designed by Faci Leboreiro, Zeru Miami Restaurant Transports You to the Spanish Coast

Mexico City-based architecture and interior design studio Faci Leboreiro—cofounded and led by Carlos Faci and Marina Leboreiro—had the opportunity to design a project in the heart of Brickell, Miami, for its debut project in the United States.

The Brickell neighborhood is the financial center of the city, and a lively area featuring luxury apartment towers, art galleries, chic boutiques and a vibrant scene of trendy restaurants and bars, where Zeru fits right in.

The essence of the Zeru Group was born in the Basque Country, in Spain—a unique region where gastronomy is enjoyed in unrivaled surroundings of green landscapes and blue coasts. Spread over 4,843 square feet, the Florida restaurant is the third for the brand and the first located outside of Mexico City. It took two years to design.

“We share the same passion for Spanish cuisine with our client and through our heritage,” says the Faci Leboreiro duo. “The biggest challenge was to adapt the existing design concept in Mexico to the design vision of Miami.”

The entrance welcomes visitors with a lattice inspired by the Zeru monogram, which allows a glimpse of the space without revealing all the interiors. Inside, the reception’s black Barrisol mirror creates pervasive reflections and the wooden herringbone pergola—inspired by fish bones, fitting as fish is one of the restaurant’s specialties—is the star of the show, guiding people’s eyes toward the marble bar that provides a view of the open kitchen. The double-height main dining area is adorned with leafy vegetation.

Throughout the space, a neutral color base is accented with different shades of blue and green to evoke northern Spanish nature and the Miami beaches. The use of wood creates a cozy feeling while the floors feature ceramic tiles and several brass details to further elevate the decor.

“We wanted to create an elegant yet approachable atmosphere for an intimate and seductive dining experience,” says Leboreiro.

All the furniture and lamps were custom-made for the project. The design team also selected the artworks sourced from the Oliver Gal gallery and inspired by the Prado Museum in Madrid, such as the Meninas painting by Spanish artist Felipao at the center of the bookcase.

“Compared to a private home, when we design a restaurant, we can create more fun, exotic and diverse concepts,” says Faci.

Eye-catching and welcoming, Zeru Miami offers a sensorial journey.

Faci Leboreiro |

Images: Rafael Gamo


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