Ed Kaminsky Founder of The Kaminsky Real Estate Group

Decades after entering the burgeoning real estate scene of the South Bay in the late 1980s, Ed Kaminsky has seen just about everything in the business. He consistently sells over 100 properties a year and has created a slew of companies in the real estate sphere.

Evolving His Real Estate Business to Embrace a 360 Degree View of Service, and Introducing Local Clients to Markets Way Beyond the Beach Cities

There’s property development (Conserve Development) and auctions (Premiere Estates Auction Company), along with a personal moving service for pro athletes (SportStar Relocation). Recently, he’s been outfitting his Hermosa Beach office with new agents and more space to solidify a new, capstone-level career plateau—as a real estate consultancy where Ed Kaminsky, as senior real estate advisor, shares knowledge and a network accumulated over a lengthy and successful career. 

“Right now it’s about two things,” Ed Kaminsky says of his focus. The first: “How can we help more people with their general real estate needs?”

He’s talking about expanding his business to accommodate as many buyers and sellers in the local market as possible—his primary focus since leaving the jewelry business over 30 years ago after getting his real estate license and making his first sale.

In 2021, Kaminsky moved to eXp Realty.

Kaminsky has built a network that enables clients to invest in real estate markets across the country

Ed is expanding his Hermosa Beach headquarters to include a comprehensive real estate center.

His second focus is next level: “How do we help clients beyond their immediate real estate needs?” he asks.

For Ed Kaminsky, this means helping clients build or protect their wealth, typically by investing in real estate locally and increasingly, beyond California.

“I’ve had the unique experience of doing business in a lot of different states over the course of my career,” he points out.

“From Florida to Texas, Seattle, Coeur d’Alene, and everywhere else in between.”

For about a decade, he’s been intently laying the groundwork of a national real estate investment network, along with acquiring intimate and hyper-current knowledge of different markets, and the opportunities that lie therein.

Seeing this enhanced offering as just a natural extension of good real estate practice, Ed Kaminsky adds with a chuckle:  “Our consulting work is always free-based—not fee-based.”

Ed Kaminsky recently purchased a building adjacent to his Pacific Coast Highway office to accommodate this shift to a new phase of business. The new space will be home to a real estate resource center offering 360 degrees of real estate support, from financing and insurance to design, moving, and subcontractors.

“We want to provide a full concierge-level service to our client base,” he describes.

Supporting this is one of his biggest years on record—300 million in sales so far—and by end of 2022, he’ll more than double his current agent count, from 11 to 25 agents. Another big move this year was a brokerage switch to eXp Realty.

“It’s the fastest-growing company in the history of real estate,”

Ed Kaminsky notes. It was the brokerage’s bent on collaboration, however, with its rising-tide-lifts-all-boats atmosphere that cinched the deal for the agent.

“It’s a culture driven on everyone helping everybody within the company, even your competition,” he explains.

For Ed Kaminsky, evolving isn’t just a business school edict, it’s a vital part of the man himself.

“I’m insanely curious about how others are succeeding,” he says. “I study them.”

To that end, he’s an avid reader and lifelong student of self-improvement, in business and beyond. Taking the logical next step in his business is a given, but don’t expect to stop seeing him drive up and down Pacific Coast Highway en route to meetings with clients.

“There’s something about connecting with my client base that I find very fulfilling,” the agent describes.

“Having a great team allows me to spend a better, but different, quality of time with my clients, instead of just in the heat of the battle, buying and selling homes. I can connect with them on their long-term goals, whatever they might be.”

Ed Kaminsky
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