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Bust'n B Ranch sunset view

A Gateway in the California Desert: The Bust’n B Ranch

Experience the allure of the Mojave Desert at The Bust'n B Ranch, a meticulously designed retreat just 30 minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park. Nestled in the serene landscape and enriched with contemporary craftsmanship, this haven, crafted by Wendy and Edgar Langman of Wedgar Properties, boasts a blend of indigenous and Mexican influences curated by interior designer Sydney Ballesteros.



Providing Sublime Views of the Mojave Desert and a Design That Honors Both the Region and Contemporary Craft, the Bust’n B Ranch is an Authentic Ode to Its Serene Atmosphere

Ideally positioned 30 minutes from the breathtaking Joshua Tree National Park—which offers spectacular landscapes and sunsets, with plenty of hikes—and 10 minutes from Pioneertown—which was crafted specifically for the cowboy film productions of the 1950s—The Bust’n B Ranch is a perfect refuge for weekend escapes and holiday resets.

Originally built in 2003, the house was recently remodeled on the initiative of mother and son Wendy and Edgar Langman, who are at the helm of development company Wedgar Properties. They trusted interior designer Sydney Ballesteros with the transformation of this desert gem. 

“We have been visiting and doing projects in the high desert for six years and always loved this specific area, which is outside of Joshua Tree National Park but has the same topography as the actual park,” says Edgar Langman. “The house is near a community called Gamma Gulch—which is host to many interesting people, homes and artists—and also nearby Garth’s Boulder Gardens, a legendary community with events, art projects, etc.”

Spread over 2,700 square feet, The Bust’n B Ranch comprises four bedrooms and a three-car garage. The remodel included the addition of a 36-foot saltwater pool and spa, and a western red cedar sauna, among other incredible features.

“The vision for the project started with the architectural foundation of the existing Santa Fe-style home, its position in the Mojave Desert and its original purpose; it once operated as ranch land,” says Sydney Ballesteros. “I wanted to bring back the grounding of space through earthy materials and also elements true to its origin.”

The idea of connecting guests with nature to unplug and create a relaxing experience was at the heart of the project. To achieve this goal, the tones of both the exterior and interior of the house are soft and calm, echoing the landscape while incorporating moody darks and blacks, such as in the kitchen’s charcoal color. Organic materials such as stone, wood, clay, concrete and steel give a sense of place. To create a variety of experiences, each bedroom has different hues, themes and textures.

“It was important to provide a balanced mix of storytelling through the diverse layers of indigenous and Mexican culture, and an appreciation of traditional techniques crafted from Mexico to New Mexico,” says Sydney Ballesteros.

“There is a strong ancestral lineage and connection in the materials and handwork of multi-generational artisanal objects such as pottery, weavings, metalwork, woodwork and the hand-painted clay tiles from Mexico perfectly patterned in the primary bathroom. Also apparent is the influence of some heritage designs and symbolic religious Latin iconography. These historical effects are left cemented in the cultural narrative spanning the region throughout the Southwest and Mexico.”

Featuring custom-made pieces by artisans and artists (such as Zach Lihatsh, Carolina Del Dago, Mely Avila and Dan John Anderson, to name only a few), the home is warm and refined at the same time. It honors the past through a modern perspective. 

“The Bust’n B Ranch is a place of refuge to honor rituals, nature and the slow hand of traditional trades,” says Sydney Ballesteros. “It is a sensory sanctuary.”

The Bust’n B Ranch  | Instagram @thebustnbranch

Interior Design: Sydney Ballesteros
Photos: Yoshihiro Makino


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