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Most agents are spending too much time, effort and money on their marketing and not getting the results they want. They’re too close to it and fumble their efforts. DIGS has a plan and platform that helps real estate agents master their marketing. When they do, they become household names in their communities. It’s the easiest way to grow your business.

DIGS has the audience, platform, and marketing plan to help you stay on top, get more listings, and sell more homes.

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The Audience, Platform & Plan Customized For You

We not only have the marketing playbook to get you more listings, our job is to get you more at bats. All you need to do, is hit the ball. (Oh, and we help with that too!) 

30-Day Listing Blitz

Sell your home in 30 days or less. Ask us what we recommend to help you get more leads!

PPC & digital velocity with digs

Digital marketing campaigns that drives results that matter

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DIGStv Video

A creative video platform for high-impact social videos.
Branding and design by digs

Branding & Design

Bring your brand to life with our creative studio

DIGS Advertising Examples - Cover & Feature Story

The Cover of DIGS

Our most exclusive offering.  Includes front cover, 5-page feature article & digital media

DIGS Advertising Examples

Real Estate Ads

Single, multi and custom campaign options for every need

Editorial in DIGS magazine

Every home has a story.  Tell it with an exclusive editorial feature article

DIGS Magazine Special Editions

Special Editions

Quarterly special editions with increased distribution and reach. Hawaii, Mexico and Architect, Design, Build

"More direct inquiries from buyers from my ads in South Bay Digs than any other advertising or marketing.."

Maureen Megowan

Go from unknown & obscure to well known and in-demand with marketing that matters

Our goal is to help you stay on top, be in-demand, and grow your business with results that matter.

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Marketing evolves every day. There are new technologies, new opportunities, and new strategies you can leverage to engage with your audience. Our industry-leading experts cover the full spectrum of strategy, marketing, creative, and distribution and will customize a plan that fits your goals. Click get started to schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.

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