Sea Ranch Lodge: An Honest Renaissance

Spread across 10 miles of the Northern California coastline and located 100 miles north of San Francisco, The Sea Ranch comprises 2,224 private homes built on 7,000 acres surrounded by the typical vegetation and landscape of the area: cypress hedgerows, meadows, rolling hills, redwood, and Douglas fir forests, with, of course, sublime ocean views.

Originally Opened In1964, the Sea Ranch Lodge Has Undergone a Complete Transformation

“Because of reaching for a view, or because the wind needs to be blocked. Something about the environment has informed the geometry,” Donlyn Lyndon, one of the original architects of The Sea Ranch, once said of the concept.

At the heart of this community designed to honor nature and live “lightly on the land” (according to the original designers), The Sea Ranch Lodge—one of the oldest buildings—became a cultural hub before being transformed into a hotel.

Today, after an extensive multi-year renovation, it reopens its doors. Led by general contractor David Hillmer, design practice Mithun, landscape architecture design studio TERREMOTO and interior design firm The Office of Charles de Lisle, the first phase of the project was completed October 1.

Occupying 53 acres of the community, The Sea Ranch Lodge—made of the original 10,000-square-foot structure—is now home to The Dining Room helmed by Executive Chef Eric Piacentine, The Bar & Lounge (including a solarium space), The Café, The General Store and the revamped Post Office.

Walls and partitions were removed to maximize the views toward the Pacific Ocean, the feeling of openness, and the connection with the exterior, while the wind-shaped coastline and traditional barn structures were constant sources of inspiration for every person who worked on this project.

Materials and details that were similar to the originals helped to preserve the old character of the property where the interior spaces feature comfortable furniture and low lighting, highlighting the peaceful atmosphere. 

“We are excited to honor the vision of the original developer and original group of architects—including Al Boeke, Lawrence Halprin, and MLTW (Charles Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, William Turnbull, and Richard Whitaker)—stewardship and respect of the land, sustainability for The Sea Ranch and create a gathering place for all Sea Ranchers,” said Kristina Jetton, general manager of The Sea Ranch Lodge.

“As we continue to fulfill their original master plan, we will always design and host experiences here that live in harmony with the natural elements that make The Sea Ranch so special. We look forward to welcoming Sea Ranchers, locals, visitors, and the next generation of creators to dine at our new restaurant, walk the trails, enjoy a memorable event in the meadow, or simply come by and be inspired by this magical coastal setting.”

And this is just the beginning. The second phase, which will consist of remodeling 17 guest rooms and creating a space for weddings, gatherings, and retreats, has already begun. 

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Images: The Sea Ranch Lodge

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