The first edition of DIGS Magazine

Where it all began...

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Our Origin Story

Way back in 2010, our Founder & CEO Warren Dow had this crazy idea to start a media company called Micro Market Media, LLC.

The target market was real estate, and on October 7th, 2010, the launch edition of our flagship product, South Bay DIGS magazine, was born.

After blowing through his initial (high five-figure) investment in only 10-weeks, Warren was at a crossroads – invest more and keep pushing or fold his cards and lick his wounds.

And here we are, 12 years later and still going strong!

Our mission then, as it is now, is simple:

DIGS help real estate agents become household names in the local communities they serve, so they’re always included in the “who should I hire conversation” when it’s time to buy/sell a home.

Let’s be honest, selling real estate for a living is brutal, and it’s very tough to make a decent living doing it.

There’s too many agents and not enough homes to sell…

… and that’s why we exist.

We serve as “trusted strategic advisors” to our valued marketing partners.

Helping agents build strong brands so that their reputation precedes them in the market.

Our little secret formula for agent success:

It’s better to be sought out in the market as the agent of choice than hiding in plain sight trying to be found.

We welcome you to our real estate media platform – we encourage you take a look around, and thanks for your valued time.

Our platform includes:

May your real estate dreams come true ~

Warren J Dow
Founder & CEO

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