Devra Zandell: Founder of the Zandell Real Estate Group

Growing up with a perpetually positive mother whose favorite mantras were “The glass is half full,” and “There’s always a solution,” Devra Zandell found many of these to be true in adulthood—and applicable to real estate on an everyday basis.

Old-school Standards and New-tech Tactics Equal Real Estate Success for Devra Zandell an Energetic New Jersey Native

“I am a child of a single parent who raised my older sister and myself on a teacher’s salary,” says real estate agent Devra Zandell.

“Growing up, we didn’t have any money, but I realized early on that, being an American if you decide to focus and work hard and smart for yourself, the sky’s the limit.”

Prior to real estate, Devra Zandell was a successful hairstylist who lived and worked in London, NYC, and Beverly Hills (“I was intrigued with hairstyling, beauty, and fashion; it was fascinating,” she recounts), before moving to the Beach Cities in the late 1990s.

A top producer at RE/MAX Estate Properties, Devra’s a several-time recipient of the Platinum Award. Last year, she was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall
of Fame.

She was voted Best Realtor/Selling Agent in The Easy Reader’s 2019 and 2020 Best of the Beach awards.

Devra Zandell was voted a 2021 Neighborhood Favorite for Beach Cities real estate on the Nextdoor app.

“Hands down, I think that the Beach Cities is the best place in the world,” says the New Jersey native.

Citing standout schools and beaches, plus the year-round roster of community events, like Fiesta Hermosa and the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, she points out: “There’s always a reason to celebrate.”

It was in this charmed Southern California community Devra Zandell found a new home—and a satisfying new calling helping people sell their properties. The fact that she’s being entrusted with what’s often a client’s most valuable material asset is foremost in her mind at all times.

“I got into this business because around 20 years ago when I was doing hair, I bought my first property,” Devra Zandell recounts.

“The realtor who helped me was not what I thought a realtor would be.”

About 4 years later she got into real estate, and since then, has been making her mark in a competitive niche by being an agent of the people for nearly 18 years.

Her populist touch means listings range from modest townhomes to upscale beachside residences.

“I want to help as many people as I can—but do it very thoroughly,” she points out.

Devra Zandell sticks resolutely to old-school ways—building relationships face to face and tenaciously looking out for clients.

“There are four thousand realtors in our community,” she explains, “and I appreciate it any more than anybody can imagine when someone sees the value in picking me. I want to work hard to make them feel splendid about their choice.”

While client relationships are cultivated in an ages-old way, Devra Zandell is also all about using new tech to help sell properties.

“The great thing about RE/MAX is that we have one of the best IT departments,” the agent explains.

“I’m blessed to have my team behind me.”

Though she receives a lot of referrals (clients wax on about her positively in reviews, and she’s been awarded Best Realtor/Selling Agent in The Easy Reader, among other accolades), Devra Zandell still uses traditional methods, such as calling past clients and new ones, plus knocking on doors to get out in the community and personally meet prospective clients. It harkens back to her modest upbringing, where hard work was stressed, and being selected for the job meant everything.

“When I am lucky enough to be juggling five escrows at once, it doesn’t matter how many hours in a day I work,” says Devra Zandell.

“I put my head on the pillow at night and I feel good.”

Devra Zandell | 310.408.4247 | BRE #01418217

Photographs Courtesy of Devra Zandell

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