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A Slice Of Heaven In Hermosa Beach

During WWII there were radar towers in the South Bay poised atop Tennyson Place in Hermosa Beach, and the reason had everything to do with the altitude. Rumored to be the highest point west of Pacific Coast Highway, this area remains an ideal spot for building one’s dream home.

There are oversized parcels of land, the draw of an exclusive beachside neighborhood and best of all, prime views—stretching across ocean and hillside. 

“It’s a very unique spot because the lots are massive”

says real estate agent Rob Freedman, who is co-listing the property, “and it’s pretty sleepy back there. It’s a hidden gem.”

On a particularly lofty Tennyson lot, a custom home (more like a mini-compound) was erected a few years ago. The approximately 7,300-square-foot home spanning three levels was designed in dreamy partnership with its plethora of outdoor places, and the resulting atmosphere is one of private, fresh-air luxury. Step inside and, though you may still technically be in the South Bay, just a one-minute drive from Pacific Coast Highway, you’re guaranteed to feel somewhere far, far away.

The architect is Louie Tomaro, whose assembly of geometric angles, plentiful glass, and overhanging eaves are cleverly softened by an inviting palette of Spanish cedar, white stucco, and textured stone. Indoors, sunlight and stirring views are everywhere.

“When you get panoramic first-floor views, and panoramic second-floor views, that’s very unusual,” points out co-listing agent Bryn Stroyke. It’s not by accident but by meticulous planning that palm trees, blue skies, and ocean vistas follow you through home and yard. “The way the home is situated on the site takes full advantage of the lot,” explains Freedman, whose real estate acumen is supplemented with a Cornell architecture degree. “It’s got about a good a view that you can get in Hermosa Beach.”

The home opens onto the formal living room, a floating space with walls of glass on three sides, revealing grand vistas. “The living room became the perfect space to utilize the cantilever which welcomes you as you enter in the front door,” says architect Tomaro.

“Entering the living room gives the sense as if you are floating over the ocean in the view beyond.” From the exterior, it’s one of the home’s most captivating features—a glassy cube seemingly held up by air. “The floating, cantilevered look softens things,” says the home’s builder, Dan Bronner of Dolphin Construction. “It really lightens up a big structure.”

The main floor of the home’s interior hosts a myriad of clean-cut and spacious gathering spaces, nearly all of them designed to grant instant access to the outdoors via endless glass walls and doors that pocket neatly into the walls.

The openness of the home lends a flow to, and between, indoor and outdoor spaces. “The style of the Tennyson project is a coastal contemporary home that was driven by the family’s active lifestyle,” explains Tomaro. “The clean lines and floor-to-ceiling glass create a modern feel that allowed us to fully capitalize on the stunning views this sight had to offer,” he adds.

The kitchen, for instance, a gleaming place of wood, steel, and stone, adjoins not only the outdoors but also a spacious family room and a sitting nook—a pure white space that connects dramatically to the back yard via glass walls.

“The sliding doors that pocket into the wall allows you to join the front and back of the house together,” notes Bronner. “It’s a wonderful place to have an entertaining evening, and have it flow seamlessly from the back yard, through the house, and into the front yard.”

Speaking of the outdoors, the size of the lot affords plenty of al fresco areas; each varies but all look and feel like the leisured grounds of a world-class resort. “There are multiple entertainment areas,” Tomaro describes, “with the pool and yard providing a focal point for the public and private spaces to wrap around, creating a constant indoor-outdoor relationship.”

Due to the amount of space, says Stroyke, “There are no hard decisions. You’re able to accommodate everything. The back yard features an elegant swimming pool and spa adjacent to a covered cabana that’s ideal for warm-weather lounging.

Steps away is a tidy sports court, and at the southwest corner of the grassy front yard, a spacious hot tub with a dramatic fire feature. “You can sit with quite a few people, have a glass of wine and overlook Catalina Island with fantastic views,” says Freedman.

Back inside, the top floor features four of the home’s five bedrooms, including a mellow master suite with a custom mahogany beam-work ceiling, inlaid fireplace and fresh-air sitting balcony that faces the ocean square on—one of the home’s many spots to ponder the brilliant colors at sunset.

An equally prime place is the master bath suite, a luxurious space decked in wood and natural stone, with plentiful ocean views, even from the soaking tub and the generous walk-in shower.

Not to miss on this floor is a grand deck, over 1,000 feet in size, adjoining a spacious gym and dance rehearsal studio. Cleverly shaded to blunt the sun’s strongest rays, and capture a full panorama of ocean views, from north to south, this private space beckons as a lounge for everyday use, or as an ideal site for full-blown soirées.

Rounding out the home’s star-studded amenities is a lower level with a plush theater, chic wine cellar and kid-friendly recreation room. A seven-car garage, in addition to an exterior parking area, is a convenient touch for a home that’s bound to have guests.

“It’s a big, pavilion home that at once is perfect for a family, yet has this architectural verve about it that’s livable, yet uplifting,” says Freedman. Indeed, this sculpted and elegant place, soaked in light and ocean vistas, and stocked with abundant outdoor spaces satisfies the most-sought-after trifecta in South Bay luxe house hunting.

There’s no need to make those not-uncommon compromises, such as swapping views for size, and foregoing pool dreams in order to save precious lawn space. As Stroyke simply sums it up: “With this property, you can have your cake and eat it too.”


Rob Freedman | 310.291.7779
of The Domo Group – RE/MAX Estate Properties

Bryn Stroyke | 310.880.3436
of Stroyke Properties

List Price


Luca Manderino Delights South Bay With Sosta

“The core of Venetian cuisine is very similar to Japanese—concentrated on the product, not on the sauce that surrounds the product,” says Luca Manderino, South Bay restaurateur, explaining the difference between dishes in Venice, where he was born and raised, and those from other corners of Italy.

It’s a difference he’s showcasing at his brand-new Hermosa Beach spot Sosta. The restaurant, which officially opened last month, is a continuation of Manderino’s local culinary imprint that includes his longtime former haunt, La Sosta Enoteca, located at the “five corner” intersection where Manhattan Avenue segues into Hermosa Avenue, and briefly, at another location along Highland Avenue in Manhattan Beach.

“It’s a new start for me,” says Manderino. “I’m starting again from the roots. Literally.” He is doubling down on his Venetian origins at the intimate, candle-lit spot among Pier Avenue where simple wood tables and French doors create an informal charm—a look he favors. “I always like clean and rustic,” says Manderino.

His fans will recognize the romantic atmosphere and the welcoming chef-owner offering artfully presented plates of authentic Italian fare and meticulously chosen Italian wine. “My parents had two restaurants,” he says of his training. “I was raised in the kitchen.” It was in these Venice kitchens where he gathered the skills to create menu staples such as homemade gnocci, and specialties like Ribeye Tartare, Spaghetti with Salted Anchovies and Whole Branzino. Not to miss is a selection from Sosta’s wine list. All Italian, with about 45 labels and growing, the list features a variety of choices from north to south, and ranging in price from $30-plus to $2000 per bottle.

“Venetian inspired” is how Manderino classifies the cuisine at Sosta, and it’s his authentic twists that make the place a creative, already popular standout in South Bay’s restaurant scene. (The restaurant is open for dinner, and Manderino recommends reservations if you’re planning to visit Thursday through Saturday.) There’s a raw seafood appetizer, with a creative rotation of fresh ingredients, and Manderino’s ever-present yen for delighting diners with dishes they might not readily order, but learn to love.

“I always add something that is considered unusual by American standards,” he says. “For example, I do tongue; I do lamb heart; I do the tendon of the cow’s leg—I don’t put them on the menu though.” Instead, he may send a taste to the table for customers to try. “Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time people say, ‘I would never order it, but it’s so delicious.’ For me that’s the way to get the customer engaged on what Italian cuisine is.” sostacucina.com

North Hermosa Beach Home

Unapologetically Bold North Hermosa Beach Home Changes Meaning of “To Spare No Expense”

North Hermosa Beach Home107 24th Street is the result of collaborative efforts between multiple talented designers around the world!

Situated between the fun bustle of Hermosa Beach Pier and downtown Manhattan Beach, it’s a mellow residential area where pedestrians and bicyclists travel along wide streets. There’s a corner store or bistro here and there, and a sunny stretch of Pacific Ocean, with a local favorite beachfront being Seaside Lagoon, is never far away. 

On the corner of 24th Street and Hermosa Avenue, a new home has been built, its bold design breaking stylistic tradition with the charming residences in its midst. Created by DK Development, its build-design team included Noelle Parks of Noelle Interiors and Mike Davis of Mike Davis Custom Home Building, who produced the four-level Modernist’s dream erected in glass and steel, with textured contrasts of stucco, wood and stone adorning the exterior— warming the home’s look to match its mellow beachside locale.


Sophisticated Technical Features

Inside, the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home sports sleek design throughout—sophisticated and loaded with technical features that control everything from music, temperature, and lighting to the shades that glide over the home’s vast window system. The main entrance, a dramatic, geometric space that welcomes one into the home, is highlighted by a starkly elegant Bocci light feature flowing from floors above.

“The architectural elements drove the design selections and lighting concepts,” says Parks about the aesthetic approach to the home. “I made sure all those elements related; that they all talked to each other.”

One can be forgiven for heading straight to the rooftop, for it’s there where the home earns its knockout status with over 1,000 square feet of sculpted outdoor living space. Amid golden panoramas stretching from Catalina to Malibu, with mountains and palm trees and the Pacific Ocean waves in the mix, one becomes the sole guest at the luxurious, resort-style sky lounge.

There’s an eye-catching waterfall spa and crackling fireplace, plus an outdoor shower and barbecue center. Separate areas are carved out for lounging, dining and sunbathing. Speaking of: “We wanted there to be a glass railing so when you’re lying there, you are eye level with the ocean,” says Parks, who points out the glass also neatly regulates the ocean winds. Such high levels of user-friendly details are found in every corner of the home.

North Hermosa Beach Home

Proximity to Sand & Sea

Desert landscaping completes the scene, and one can scarcely imagine a more charming location to enjoy the hours, particularly with its unblocked views and one-block-way proximity to the sand and sea. “It made me love Hermosa more,” Parks says with a laugh. When one wishes to step away from the sun for a moment, there’s an adjoining bar—a gleaming indoor space uniquely touched with strategic rose gold finishes.

“I fell in love with a Hansgrohe rose-gold gooseneck faucet,” says Parks, “and we wanted that to be the flair in the sky deck bar.” Ideal as a sunlit gathering space by day, after dark, the lounge becomes dramatic by way of inlaid lights along the walls and back bar to create a moody glow throughout the room—coupling with the starry night sky and ocean air to create an enchanted atmosphere.

A floor below is where one finds the home’s main living areas, gathered in showcase style along an open floor plan made grander by the luminesce of light soffits and a series of never-ending windows and sliding glass walls.

Views and sunlight are abundant by virtue of the home occupying its own corner, a south-facing lot. In keeping with the high style of the home, in the center of the floor plan, there is a glass-encased wall—wine storage unit for 140-plus bottles.

It’s a smart intermediary point that separates spaces: On one side there’s a cheerful dining area and brilliant white kitchen, it’s strong lines softened by hearty wood plank floors and a soft-gray, veiny backsplash of Neolith. (The high-performance material, formed from natural elements including granite minerals, is used in different areas of the home with great effect, from the sky deck spa to bathroom counters.)

On the other side of the floor is a spacious living area with stone-encased fireplace and a Fleetwood glass wall that expands the room with a fresh-air deck, one of many in the home. “The nice open flow of the house came together really nicely,” remarks Parks.

A Custom First Floor

The first floor is home to three bedrooms—two with their own patio—and a comfy media lounge that’s been detailed with a custom viewing and sound system, plus a handy kitchenette for fixing drinks and snacks. Above is a floor fairly dedicated to the master suite—a getaway unto itself with a bedroom that includes a mellow corner lounge and a private balcony that opens the room nicely to the oceanside air and atmosphere.


Hyper-elegant Details

One feels a sense of the home’s hyper-elegance when stepping into the walk-in closet, decked with custom cabinetry and stage-worthy lighting, or entering the glass-filled bathroom with its oversized, oblong soaking tub and decorous walls of veined stone. As in many areas of the home, lighting has been used as a designer’s paintbrush of sorts to highlight particular details, in this case, the soft curves of the tub. For real estate agent Christopher Plank, the home’s top virtues are clear: “Rooftop deck with sky bar. Ocean views. Exquisite Finishes,” he says. It’s true. The showcase home has been deftly packaged, along with its exquisite seaside surroundings, into a cradle of modern sophistication—a place sculpted by nature and technology and creative minds.

Rooftop deck with sky bar. Ocean views. Exquisite Finishes”

Presented by: Chris Plank & Lynn Range
Vista Sotheby’s International Realty
310.849.1530 | 310.308.1221

View the Full MLS Listing  | Hermosamodern.com
List Price: $7,500,000

Written by: Constance Dunn
Photography by: Paul Jonason


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The Strand Life

Looking for prime oceanfront Strand properties in the South Bay?

THE STRAND + OCEAN DRIVE | Active Listings
Sq. Ft.
Lot Sq. Ft
List Price
$ / Sq. Ft.
Property Type
72 The Strand #5, Hermosa Beach 2 2 762 3594 $1,225,000 $1,607.61 144 Condo
4310 Ocean Drive, Manhattan Beach 90266 2 2 1409 1046 $1,600,000 $1,135.56 11 SFR
4117 Ocean Drive / Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 3 2804 3500 $6,500,000 $2,318.12 54 SFR
12 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 4 4 2693 2552 $6,680,000 $2,480.51 15 SFR
22 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 4 5 3600 2554 $7,495,000 $2,081.94 4 SFR
4122 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 5 4154 3503 $7,895,000 $1,900.58 54 SFR
212 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 5 6 4403 2374 $10,500,000 $2,384.74 245 SFR
58 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 4 5 3575 2402 $10,900,000 $3,048.95 89 SFR
3416 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 5 3934 3494 $12,395,000 $3,150.74 5 SFR
3120 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 4 4200 3488 $12,900,000 $3,071.43 247 SFR
1140 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 4 2808 3337 $14,974,000 $5,332.62 425 SFR
2722 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 8 9 6381 6927 $23,995,000 $3,760.38 158 SFR


Here’s what sold in 2017 on the Strand / Ocean Drive.

THE STRAND + OCEAN DRIVE | Closed Sales 2017
Sq. Ft.
Lot Sq. Ft
List Price
Close Price
Sales Discount
$ / Sq. Ft.
Property Type
4218 Ocean Drive, Manhattan Beach 90266 2 3 1396 5851 $1,749,000 $1,730,000 0.98914 $1,239.26 18 8/10/2017 TH
72 The Strand #6, Hermosa Beach 90254 3 2 1460 3594 $1,945,000 $2,150,000 1.1054 $1,472.60 2 7/13/2017 Condo
638 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 3 2 1500 4790 $4,490,000 $3,725,000 0.82962 $2,483.33 30 9/22/2017 Condo
2702 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 3 4 1900 n/a $4,995,000 $4,750,000 0.95095 $2,500.00 32 6/20/2017 TH
622 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 2 2 1110 2064 $6,299,000 $5,750,000 0.91284 $5,180.18 116 9/28/2017 SFR
1830 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 6 4 2850 2410 $6,900,000 $6,581,250 0.9538 $2,309.21 34 8/28/2017 SFR
1942 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 n/a n/a 100 4240 $8,900,000 $8,350,000 0.9382   155 5/12/2017 SFR
802 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 5 6 3540 2436 $9,299,000 $8,900,000 0.95709 $2,514.12 22 5/2/2017 SFR
2654 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 3 5 3180 2597 $9,200,000 $9,200,000 1 $2,893.08 0 10/17/2017 SFR
716 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 3 3 1648 3483 $11,500,000 $9,300,000 0.8087 $5,643.20 28 1/13/2017 SFR
1912 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 5 3482 3327 $11,500,000 $11,300,000 0.98261 $3,245.26 217 10/31/2017 SFR
2400 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 4 4 3969 3492 $12,999,000 $11,900,000 0.91546 $2,998.24 197 8/14/2017 SFR
2302 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 5 4 2817 5349 $14,850,000 $13,000,000 0.87542 $4,614.84 28 12/18/2017 SFR
1540 The Strand, Hermosa Beach 90254 5 7 4643 4180 $14,000,000 $14,150,000 1.01071 $3,047.60 0 5/23/2017 SFR
3420 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 6 5500 3517 $16,500,000 $15,400,000 0.93333 $2,800.00 66 9/7/2017 SFR
104 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 5 8 6123 3330 $18,900,000 $18,400,000 0.97354 $3,005.06 455 3/24/2017 SFR
1000 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 90266 9 8 5967 4979 $23,900,000 $21,000,000 0.87866 $3,519.36 151 5/31/2017 SFR


(All property data taken from MRMLS residential homes for lease for areas: Manhattan Beach, Sand Section, Hermosa Beach, Sand Section – as of 4.17.18. Information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.)

Hermosa Beach - Highest Priced Home Sales of 2017 - DIGS.net

Hermosa Beach – Highest Priced Home Sales of 2017

The local real estate market has been booming the past couple of years, and 2017 was no exception. With 107 closed sales in Hermosa Beach and an average closed price of $2,742,197, there was a total of 11 single family homes with closed sales over $5 million or more. 

A paved path, known as The Strand, runs along Hermosa’s Beach from Torrance Beach in the south approximately 20 miles north to Santa Monica and the Hermosa Beach pier is at the end of Pier Avenue, which is one of the beach community’s main shopping, eating and nightclub areas.

Here are 10 of Hermosa Beach’s Highest Priced Closed Sales of 2017

1540 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $14,000,000 | Close Price: $14,150,000

5 br | 8 ba | 4,633 Sqft

Beachfront masterpiece presented by G9 development group and built by Mike Davis Custom Homes. Featuring four levels, including a basement level with custom wine room, media room, lounge area with wet bar, two guest bedrooms, and two full guest baths. With a top level that opens to a Hermosa Beach pier-to-ocean view, and two panoramic doors that open, bringing in an ocean breeze, this expansive corner lot offers outdoor living space and state of the art technology.

2302 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $14,850,00 | Close Price: $13,000,000

5 br | 4 ba | 2,817 Sqft

One of the most unique corner lots on the famed Strand section of Hermosa Beach. This Spanish Classic Mission home is a historic architectural masterpiece that encompasses nearly 3,000 square feet of living space.

2654 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $9,200,000 | Close Price

3 br | 5 ba | 3,180 Sqft

802 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $9,299,000 | Close Price: $8,900,000

5 br | 6 ba | 3,540 Sqft

This corner Strand home boasts beauty, luxury, and style. This home has 1,700 + square feet of outdoor living. With a Strand side deck and huge rooftop deck including a fireplace, bbq, and mini kitchen.

1942 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $8,900,000 | Close Price: $8,350,000

Corner lot on the North Hermosa Strand. 52’ of oceanfront land!!!

3224 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $7,995,000 | Close Price: $7,750,000

2 br | 2 ba | 2,450 Sqft

A trophy property located in a bulls-eye location on Hermosa Ave. Sitting on an elevated 4247 lot with 50 feet of prime Hermosa Ave footage offering the best ocean views in town and square footage offering the best ocean views in town.

1807 Valley Park, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $7,995,000 | Close Price: $7,700,000

6 br | 6 ba | 6,528 Sqft

A fantasy resort situated in the Hermosa Beach Sand Section. A stunning sprawling home that offers an open floor plan that expands into a backyard wonderland.

2824 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $7,399,000 | Close Price: $7,050,000

5 br | 6 ba | 4,600 Sqft

A stunning Coastal Farmhouse with a modern twist. Built by RJ Smith with interior designs by Kate Lester, this 4,600 sqft custom ocean view home has raised the development standard.

2545 Myrtle Av, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $5,299,000 | Close Price: $5,275,000

5 br | 6 ba | 4,188 Sqft

Located in desirable North Hermosa Beach, this collaboration between White Sands Coastal Development and RJ Smith Construction, is a refined, crisp, and inviting atmosphere that embraces an active beach lifestyle.

123 28th St, Hermosa Beach

List Price: $5,199,999 | Close Price: $5,100,000

5 br | 6 ba | 3,861 Sqft

This gorgeous ocean view beach home perfectly blends the elements of coastal living with modern elegance.


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Sporting Palace

A Hermosa Hills home built by former Clippers all-star Danny Manning now is on the market for $20.9 million, complete with a duo of wine cellars and an indulgent outdoor entertaining space.

“After visiting Greece, the seller was inspired to build a beautiful glass pavilion,” says Courtney Lingle of The Agency, who is co-listing the 6,392-square-foot, four-bedroom estate at 2805 Tennyson Place with Mauricio Umansky of The Agency and Tristy Patterson of RE/MAX Estate Properties. “It includes a unique glass panel that looks down into a detached, 1000-bottle wine cellar.

Open the glass doors and you can enjoy the ocean breeze and panoramic ocean views.” An additional 1,500-bottle wine cellar in the main house features a bar and entertainment area, while yet other show-stopping features include outdoor environs sporting a saltwater pool, Jacuzzi, bar, gazebo and multiple fireplaces, along with a three-car garage with a lift system that allows for the storage of five vehicles.

Beach House Party

A buzzy burger joint turns fun foodie spot in Hermosa Beach

“Wow, let’s do something that’s completely opposite.” That’s what Greg Newman was thinking when it came to opening Tower 12. The president of Baja Sharkeez Restaurant Group, known for classic Southern California fiesta spots that include Baja Sharkeez, Panama Joe’s and Shark’s Cove was adding to the portfolio, but was leaning toward something out of the box. “I want to do this,” Newman recalls thinking. “But I want to do this very Hermosa centric.”

Which means laidback, beach-conscious and bona fide South Bay. And vintage artifacts and decor, from Dewey Weber surfboards and Black Flag posters to striped Mexican blankets and 80s-era arcade games. The design aesthetic of Tower 12 arguably has much to do with the rocket-ship success of the place, opened this past March. It’s an easygoing bungalow look spearheaded by Newman, who based his vision on a local, relatable character he conjured up in his mind. “I’ve lived here since 1969,” says Newman. “What if I grew up here and never got married, and what I did my whole life was throw house parties, and my grandmother left me her house.” Vanrooy Creative Group executed on the idea, with Newman helping track down some of the decor himself. One such source: “I walked through Fiesta Hermosa to find people who did local artwork.”

When it comes to mapping out the cuisine, Newman went non-local, hiring Brendan Collins, a Brit who’s made a name for himself locally at spots like Melisse in Santa Monica and The Hall at Palihouse, as consulting chef. (Alex Granados is executive chef.) “The basic influence is stuff that’s really approachable,” says Newman. Call it comfort food with all the modern trimmings. Among starters there are pretzel knots sprinkled with sea salt and accompanied by a warm cheese fondue pot or a bowl of hefty meatballs slathered in tomato sauce and parmesan.

The rest of the menu consists of familiar categories—salads, pizza, sandwiches, barbecue, charcuterie and American classics like pot pie and short rib—but executed concisely, with no more than six or eight selections in each category, and in a way to appeal across the South Bay spectrum, from surfers and families to sophisticated diners and Pier Avenue partiers. The entry-level house burger consists of two patties and a double dose of American cheese on a toasted bun.

The chicken Waldorf salad is freshly loaded with house-smoked meat, green apples and blue cheese, and is a meal unto itself. There’s an organic, miso-glazed salmon served on a plank, plus a charcuterie board with selections ranging from Spanish goat cheese to Prosciutto di San Daniele (culled from northeast Italy). As for desserts, consider the donut holes. Covered in a warm glaze of bourbon and applesauce, they’ve earned their accolades.

Specialty cocktails are tasty and creative, from the bourbon-based Iron Man served in a flask (“Every guy loves it,” says Newman) to the hearty Dawn Patrol Bloody Mary embellished with a blue-cheese stuffed olive, wrapped in bacon.

“We probably started with 100 drinks and narrowed it down to 20,” says Newman of the selection, created by mixologist John Fox of restaurant Palmilla Cocina y Tequila, also part of Baja Sharkeez Restaurant Group.

Reared in the hospitality business, Newman has been part of many restaurant openings, but Tower 12 was different. “I was extra nervous,” he recalls. “I was scared because if we spend all this money and it doesn’t do well, I’ll be really embarrassed.” Not to fear. On any given evening, there are convivial groups of locals mingling with visitors in the cozy lounge or along the balcony dining areas.

Later, it will be a live band, or karaoke or a DJ playing classic sing-along music. “It brought the real local crowd,” adds Newman. “Finally we have a place we can go.”




310.379.6400 | TOWER12HB.COM

Timeless Treasure

A historic Hermosa Beach home on The Strand offers unsurpassed vistas and the rare opportunity of ownership

Written by Joclene Davey | Photography Courtesy of Paul Jonason

Rarely is there an opportunity like this: For the first time in 70 years, the home and oversized corner lot at 2302 The Strand in Hermosa Beach is on the market. Well-known to the community, this gem has served as the beach home for the Wright family since the 1950s. “This home was our treasure, where we spent every summer from June to Labor Day with my siblings, family and friends. We lived in Los Angeles when we were younger and this was our beach house until we moved here full time” shares Roger Wright, one of the Wright’s seven children.

“This is a remarkable generational home,” notes Realtor Nick Schneider. “When a family keeps a home for so many years, it is clear just how special that place is.” One that offers tremendous potential for the ideal buyer. “Whether restoring this home to its original splendor and adding modern touches or designing a completely new build, this type of home is where family traditions are started and kept for generations,” adds Schneider.

This Spanish Mission style home with traditional influences is laid out for an almost hotel-like feel, with a courtyard for private entertaining. Singular to most properties on The Strand is the home’s massive outdoor space that has been used for outdoor living as well as for parking up to 10 cars. “The home also has such a unique footprint,” explains Schneider. “Unlike the set back on The Strand for new builds, this home comes right up to the edge so north facing views are unobstructed from both floors inside.”

Situated on the north corner, the home’s residents enjoy white water views to Palos Verdes, Catalina and all the way up the coast to Malibu. Extraordinary landscapes and picturesque scenes of the famous Hermosa Pier and Manhattan Beach Pier mesmerize the viewer. Meanwhile, explains Schneider, “from 22nd Street to 24th Street in Hermosa, you have an almost private inlet; it’s the shortest walk street from Beach Drive to Hermosa Avenue, plus with the one-way alley, there is rarely any drive through traffic.”

The iconic five-bedroom and three and a half bath home offers 2,900 square feet of living space. Exterior touches—a terra cotta roof, wooden trestles and exterior staircase—capture a traditional feel, while white stucco, an arched chimney and rounded architectural features bring in the Mission influence. Terra cotta tiles pave the way to the historic, carved wood front door rich in design and steeped in tradition.

Due to the home’s L-shaped floor-plan, every bedroom and all common areas offer ocean and beach views. While sipping a cold beverage in the private courtyard, indulging the gorgeous vistas of sand and sea is commonplace, but always revered. “One of the most desired locations at the beach is on the north side and south west facing because you get the sunrise and sunset views, both of which this home has!” states Schneider.

The home’s lower level welcomes one into a large great room crowned by rich beamed ceilings, statement-making etched wood trestles, and classic white mission walls. Also included on this floor are the dining room, den, guest bedroom with en-suite bath and kitchen—the latter conveniently located, adjacent to the courtyard and perfect for entertaining.

“Whether restoring this home to its original splendor and adding modern touches or designing a completely new build, this type of home is where family traditions are started and kept for generations.”

Well-planned are dual entries from the beach: one on the north side of the home, accessed by gate from The Strand, and the second through the garage entrance in the courtyard. By way of the two-car garage, the owners added an indoor cabana or shower/changing room. Bright yellow bead-board cabanas will get the attention of sandy kids and guests entering from the beach. These two cabanas each house a changing room and shower.

The upper level of the home is accessible via interior or exterior staircases. On this floor are four bedrooms; all of good size. Two different Jack-n-Jill baths connect each room. These rooms also have an exterior door that provides access to the balcony and outside staircase; a unique feature, excellent for visiting family and friends. Inside, the long hallway is dotted with multiple windows offering ample light and ocean views.

Conveniently nearby the house is The Green Store, The Bottle Inn and Martha’s, all just one block away. Volleyball courts and swing sets are steps away on the sand. Plus, the home’s central location makes for an easy walk south to Hermosa Beach’s Pier Avenue or north to Manhattan Beach’s adorable downtown. Both areas are lively hot spots filled with restaurants, bars and boutique shopping. Kids who grow up in Hermosa attend one of two great public schools for elementary and middle school, and choose between Mira Costa in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Union for High School. Hermosa Beach is also home to fun family and adult activities like Fiesta Hermosa, the concert series on the beach and the AVP Hermosa Beach Open.

Given that all of these attributes are in this home’s backyard, where, as Schneider puts it, “family traditions are started and kept for generations,” 2302 The Strand is truly a one-of-a-kind home, property and location in one of the most beautiful cities and beach communities in the country.



310.809.4875 | LIST PRICE $14,850,000 MILLION

Art for Art’s Sake

Shockboxx spotlights local artists with the eclectic and unexpected

Written by Constance Dunn

Nestled amid the design studios and body shops of Cypress Avenue in Hermosa Beach is a gallery signaling a big step forward for the South Bay art scene. Opening its doors earlier this year, Shockboxx is the brainchild of artists Laura Schuler and Mike Collins, who saw a local need for just such an independent gallery. “There wasn’t an existing space for artists to show,” Schuler says of the duo’s decision to open the gallery. “There’s a really cool art scene in Hermosa Beach,” adds Collins. “And there’s a lot of artists in Hermosa, Manhattan, Redondo.” Lots of artists, but not many places where they can show their work to the local community.

After securing the location, the duo was undecided on its ultimate use. Studio space? Gallery? “As we started to do the buildout,” says Collins, “the space revealed itself to be a gallery more than a studio.” Located in the midst of the Beach Cities’ artistic-industrial-creative neighborhood known as Cypress District, Schuler and Collins enjoy free rein when it comes to doing what they want creatively. “We have the freedom to come up with whatever we want,” says Schuler, adding, “Our shows are very specific.”

Specific not just in theme but also in allowing artists, many of them colleagues, to stretch beyond their tried-and-true themes or mediums. “That’s the shock part of Shockboxx,” describes Collins. “We want the art community and the patrons to know that if you come to one of our shows, we’re not going to repeat ourselves.”

Indeed. Their first show, “Break the System,” invited Hermosa artists LG Givot and Josh Barnes to christen the place by painting the walls in vivid scenes. “Off with Their Heads” explored the concept of heroes and villains, inviting artists working in mediums ranging from computer art and assemblage to sculpture and photography. We stopped by during “Shark Week,” when the walls were covered by local artists’ takes on the fish.

Collins and Schuler ultimately aim for Shockboxx to go beyond the role of traditional gallery and be a creative community resource, including everything from film screenings, book releases and even underground dining events with local chefs. “The thing we’ll do over and over again is something different,” states Collins.

Note: Mark your calendars for Sept. 9, when Shockboxx opens an Ed Moses tribute show; inviting artists will pay homage to the trailblazing Venice artist’s brand of abstract painting. “Ed came from a group of artists that are credited with putting the Los Angeles art scene on the map in the late 50s and early 60s,” says Collins.




Standing Room Only

A buzzy burger joint turns fun foodie spot in Hermosa Beach

Written by Joclene Davey

Known for its burgers and live music hall, The Standing Room in Hermosa Beach is gaining a bar food meets foodie reputation via its updated menu. The restaurant’s unique twist on simple menu items and vast assortment of whisky make for a lively spot to indulge unique fare and entertainment.

Owner and chef, Lowell Bakke launched The Standing Room in Redondo Beach from the Catalina Liquor Store as a take-out location. The spot quickly became a success due to its famously oversized burgers and Asian-American influence. The good fortune of the first location convinced Bakke to launch a second outpost with additional menu items, live music, and a full-service bar.

Expect a step-up in the burger category with a variety of options like the Dressed Burger, with arugula, caramelized onion, bacon, smoked Gouda cheese, blue cheese, Korean aioli, tomato jam and a fried egg. Another standing favorite is the Cash Burger, with Japanese Shishito peppers and crispy onions.

The menu, however, has more of a Gastropub feel, especially once Bakke brought on chef Matt Webb. Starters received a unique spin like togarashi spiced pork rinds and soft shell crab sliders on black steam buns. The eatery also began adding plated options, a promising future for foodies looking for new locales with fare to sink their teeth into. A perfect example is the Short Rib Bibimbap, a typical Korean dish, made with a succulent chunk of short rib meat served with sticky rice, Korean pickles, assorted vegetables and a runny egg.

Scattered throughout the menu one finds interesting ingredients like poignant Korean kimchi as well as seasonal items found in the Summer Peach Salad or Watermelon Kale Salad. “My mother is Korean and that definitely has influenced my cooking, along with being raised in Hawaii, which is a melting pot of Asian influenced food,” shares Bakke.

Restaurant by day and local hang out by night, The Standing Room features live music Thursday through Saturday each week. From local bands to jam night, the atmosphere is relaxed and rock-n-roll. Happy hour throughout the week offers great drink and food specials at unheard of prices, like all you can eat Taco Tuesday, including a draft beer, for $15.

One of Standing Room’s latest drinks, the Bloody Bull (a Bloody Mary with beef broth, homemade beef jerky and blue cheese-stuffed olives) alongside a hearty brunch on Saturday and Sunday might just be the cure one needs after a jam session the previous night. Hawaiian French Toast with Nutella, bananas and coconut will certainly satisfy any sweet tooth, while the Kimchi Fried Rice with Portuguese Sausage will appease even the most ferocious appetite.

Bakke is one to keep an eye on, with his growth mindset and creative spirit. He states, “We are always exploring opportunities for new locations, and pushing for new concepts and something fresh, but we won’t rush it.” Some things are worth waiting for.





Hook, Line, Hermosa

Unwind and dig in at the newest seaside hot spot on Hermosa Pier

Written by Joclene Davey

Spend a leisurely afternoon watching the waves while sipping premium cocktails and knocking back uber-fresh oysters at Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster. Hermosa Pier’s seaside hot spot serves delicious classic dishes in a mellow atmosphere, offering a rare locale where one can just stroll in from off the beach and dine well. But don’t let the easy digs keep you from throwing on your Sunday best for date night, because the menu is equally suitable for the upscale palate, proving perfect as for luxuriating at length over champagne on the patio at sunset.

The trio behind Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster Co. includes owners Lisa Hemmat of Lido Restaurant, in Manhattan Beach, and Levi Lupercio, former bar manager of The Strand House, also in Manhattan Beach, and Katana in Los Angeles. Along with award-winning chef Billy Lansing, the group has seamlessly blended years of success and experience with a fresh idea. “We were inspired by a great fish and oyster restaurant in Chicago and felt the concept [was] perfect for Hermosa, since an upscale seafood dining experience was lacking in this area,” shares Hemmat. 

The menu is raw bar and seafood-driven with an outstanding line-up of oysters hand-selected by chef Lansing, who stretched his modern seafood skills at three Michelin star-rated restaurant Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain, before returning to his home in the South Bay.

When visiting Playa Hermosa, opt for the chef’s oyster recommendation to score such treats as James River, New Zealand Shiikait or Prince Edward Island oysters—just a few of dozens of examples from around the world. “Originally coming up with a concept, we wanted to focus on an oyster program [that] I’d ran before; the entire menu, including the oyster program, are always changing and based on seasonality,” explains Lansing. The restaurant proudly flies in fresh Maine lobsters and dungeons crab cooked daily.

Known for his philosophy of finding the best product possible, keeping it simple and “focusing on your ingredients” is ever-present in Lansing’s lovely menu. Among other diners’ favorites is the Hermosa Tower, a great option for groups, including half a Maine lobster, Peruvian Scallops, chef’s choice of oysters and shrimp cocktail. All raw bar seafood is perfect to share and presented beautifully.

Other seasonal hits include the Summer Peach Salad with fresh Burrata, balsamic, Shiso sauce and Pepitos, or Ceviche Tostada with Alaskan Cod, Fresno Chili and avocado mousse. Everything is delicious and passionately inspired by the well-traveled chef Lansing. A final note: the King Salmon from New Zealand melts in your mouth and the fresh twist on the Manila clams, made with Morcilla sausage and white wine sauce, is not to be missed.

The restaurant’s happy, light atmosphere is a credit to Hemmat, who designed the interiors, which features open space and lofty ceilings. “We wanted a beach-casual-meets-upscale look to identify with our concept, a place for locals and visitors to enjoy a great upscale dining experience without being stuffy,” shares Hemmat.

The décor is a mix of French Encaustic tiles trimmed in reclaimed wood and custom-built tables. A rustic driftwood chandelier sheds light on a collection of nautical original art pieces by Monica J. Ferrell. A lounge area with high-top tables offers great views of Hermosa Pier and the ocean while one enjoys a tasty beverage from Lupercio’s expert selection. Outside of the well-orchestrated wine list are popular handcrafted cocktails that include fan favorites such as the Spicy Watermelon Margarita and the Bon Scott, Lupercio’s spin on the classic Manhattan.

Service is attentive and friendly and Levi admits that “having such a great front of the house staff really comes from the dynamic team that he and Lisa have perpetually worked with over the years in the South [B]ay.” Ultimately, expect a great experience; fresh, savory seafood buttoned up in a delightful setting.






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