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The Sheats Goldstein Residence aka The Big Lebowski House

In this episode of DIGStv we talk with fashion icon and NBA super-fan, James Goldstein, often known for his eclectic fashion sense and his persistent court-side attendance to Lakers and Clippers games in Los Angeles. James Goldstein’s home is perhaps what he’s most well known for, coined the Sheats Goldstein Residence, which is a property with a star studded history.
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DIGStv | Architect Design Build

How does a home become a work of art? How do you preserve them for generations to come? We take you through the stories of three iconic architectural homes, and discuss the history of each home and the people involved, including Edward Niles, Zoltan Pali and Dion Neutra.
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Pro Surfers Alex Gray & Cheyne Magnusson

Professional Surfers Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson, both sponsored by South Bay locals Body Glove give us a little taste what’s it like to live the endless summer, leaving town at a moment’s notice.