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Neri&Hu Architects: Making Memory

A contemporary take on traditional Chinese courtyard house by Neri&Hu, a typology based on Confucian ideals where different generations live under the same roof, the

Still Bend: Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin

The architect’s 1938 “Dream House” design for Life Magazine, this now-rentable construction is a striking example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s democratic Usonian vision—if not its
Neuendorf House, Caroline Neuendorf, Claudio Silverstrin, John Pawson, Majorca, Spain, Mediterranean, Minimalism

Neuendorf House: Mediterranean Minimalism

Finished in 1989, an often aesthetically garish era, the Neuendorf House was destined to stand out, a work of committed minimalism by the now lionized

Hauser & Wirth Remaking in Menorca

Isla del Rey in Menorca, Spain, a decommissioned naval hospital established by the English in 1711 is now a contemporary art center for Hauser &

Pitched Black: Edition Office Talks Federal House

Federal House makes good on Edition Office’s commitment to sustainability. Relying on cross-flow ventilation as a cooling mechanism rather than air conditioning, the highly insulated