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As told to Danielle Accovelli | Photography by Paul Jonason

After 23 years in the industry, independent, full-service brokerage Klein Real Estate remains dedicated to client satisfaction. With a client-driven philosophy, they believe in maintaining a personal, one-on-one relationship approach to achieving their goals. Here, Laura Klein of Klein Real Estate shares with DIGS how her career began, what appeals to her about the Westside, and how communication and creativity play an essential role in success.

Both your parents are real estate professionals. How did you get your start in real estate— was this a career you always wanted?

I have always loved what my parents do for a living. Initially my father was a real estate developer, and my mother an interior designer; in 1993, they began Klein Real Estate brokerage. My original goal was to go into real estate upon completing college. However, during my first year of college, I discovered another area that I wanted to explore first—entertainment marketing and advertising, a career I thoroughly enjoyed for 12 years. Once I got that out of my system, I dove into real estate and have not looked back since. I am currently enjoying my 12th year in real estate.

What distinguishes Klein Real Estate from the competition?

Klein Real Estate is unique because we are an independent full-service brokerage that offers a complete portfolio of services—buying, selling, leasing, investment and property management. We personally handle each of these services for our clients. Additionally, the Klein Real Estate team of experts includes certified negotiators, luxury home marketing specialists, buyer specialists, general contractors, property management specialists, technology experts and design consultants. Because Klein Real Estate is independent, we are able to provide one-on-one client interaction and personally handle every aspect of each transaction, from beginning to end. We believe the result is greater client satisfaction and a high percentage of returning clients. Klein Real Estate has been established on the Westside for over 23 years, and has developed strong relationships with industry professionals, national brokerages and a global client base. Klein Real Estate integrates technology to facilitate and maintain local, regional, national and international relationships and globally market our listings. Yet, Klein Real Estate is able to maintain a one-on-one relationship approach. We are truly the local broker with a global reach!

Describe your real estate philosophy.

Our philosophy is simple: Client satisfaction is No. 1! To achieve this, we work one-on-one with clients to achieve their goals, and obtain the highest result.

What about Westside real estate appeals to you most?

Perhaps what appeals to me most about the Westside are the personalities and lifestyles, which influence the diverse architecture of each community. There is a real sense of community and pride of ownership throughout the Westside. Additionally, the surrounding natural landscape cannot be surpassed. The Westside is truly one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Whether you are hiking around Pacific Palisades, strolling along the beach in Santa Monica or having dinner at one of the great restaurants around town, the beauty is intoxicating.

How has your time as a marketing and advertising executive influenced your real estate career?

My past experience in marketing and advertising helped me learn and hone what I consider to be the most important elements of being a real estate agent: listen and be an effective communicator, be flexible, gain knowledge of a situation, achieve 100 percent client satisfaction, create effective advertising and marketing strategies and, of course—the power of negotiation.

Based on your experience, what are the most essential aspects of successfully closing a real estate transaction?

Many things can happen along the various phases of a real estate transaction. From the commencement of a transaction to the closing of a transaction, I have found communication, prior experience, creativity, and flexibility to be essential elements and key to success.

What factors into your decision as to what properties are the best fit for clients?

Because each client is different, with different needs, I listen to my clients carefully, examine the financial parameters that may affect the situation, and take into consideration their future needs. All of this is necessary to select the best properties for my clients.

Describe your reaction to finding a client that perfect property?

The best feeling in the world!

Any advice for homebuyers looking to purchase on the Westside?

Have a successful buyer strategy. This is a very important step in the property buying process,and we work with each of our buyers upfront to create their own personal strategy.

Will you expand on your community involvement?

Professionally, we are always seeking to expand and extend our real estate services, and also to grow our network of professional relationships. Additionally, as a lifelong member of the Westside community, ‘giving back’ is always a component of Klein Real Estate. There are a handful of organizations that we feel strongly about and participate in, and we are always open to deepening and widening our community reach.

Having grown up on the Westside, what are some of your favorite go-to local spots?

I am a native of the Westside, having grown up in Sunset Mesa. I attended Malibu and Santa Monica schools, and have lived in the Palisades Highlands for 20 years. I have so many go-to local spots and some of my favorites are Happy L.A., Casa Nostra, Will Rogers Beach, Santa Monica Mountains, Susie Cakes, Santa Monica Seafood and Trader Joe’s.

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