Westside Digs • April 22, 2022

ON THE COVER Past Perfect: An impeccably updated midcentury modern home in Crestwood Hills offers expansive views, a sprawling pool, gracious living and inspirational work from home space presented by Crosby Doe of Crosby Doe Associates.

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Westside Digs • October 25, 2019

ON THE COVER Prime in the Palisades: Pairing the privacy of a single-family residence with the lifestyle services of a five-star hotel, One Coast presents unparalleled living in the heart of the Pacific Palisades presented by etco Homes courtesy of listing holder Bree Long
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South Bay Digs • November 2, 2012

This issue marks our 2nd Anniversary of South Bay Digs Magazine! In just two short years, South Bay Digs has become the largest and most influential, 100% targeted real estate lifestyle media platform serving the affluent coastal neighborhoods of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. DIGS was born in the “Digital Revolution,” — a time when disruptive and transformational shifts were redefining the media landscape. Our mission was to align ourselves with the forces of change and build out the ultimate “next generation” media platform that would redefine the local real estate experience.
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Westside Digs • July 24, 2015

It’s late July and we’re deep in the dog days of summer. I always find myself feeling at loose ends this time of year. School’s been out for weeks and kids are restless. Businesses operate on reduced schedules as employees take a vacation and then have to play catch-up when they return. Popular TV shows are on hiatus or re-runs, retailers are selling off last season’s merchandise and Major League Baseball is still months away from the playoffs.