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You’ve worked too hard to gamble your business on lousy marketing. With direct access to over 68,000 affluent home consumers on the Westside & South Bay every month, showing up in DIGS will make you a household name in the community!
DIGS Special Editions
DIGS Special Editions

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The ultimate goal of branding is to dominate a particular category. Said another way, to be the business that customers think of immediately and the one they feel best about whenever your name comes up.

To do that successfully, you need consistency and frequency on your side, both of which DIGS has. In fact, we’ve published DIGS every two weeks and mailed it to locals at their homes for over 10 years straight. And, the agents that have shown up in DIGS since the beginning are among the top agents in the country. If you want to waste your advertising dollars, book advertising periodically.

But if you want to set up a plan to succeed and become the go-to real estate expert in your area, DIGS can get you there!

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