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Sunny & Windswept: Nobu Hotel Los Cabos



A locally loved culinary concept takes a familiar farm stand at the Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, which is nourishment for the soul.

Nobu is a brand that needs no introduction, save, perhaps, in the hospitality space, where compared to some of the established industry pillars out there, those cut from a largely homogenous cloth, is a relative newcomer.

It is, however, one with a growing collection of architecturally elegant hotels in locales from Miami to Malibu. (And, we would argue, toned in ways that are more aligned with the holistically attuned traveler of today.) At Nobu’s Malibu property, the attributes that one recognizes as a paean to Pacific views and Japanese minimalism characterizes its coastline location of Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, which has commandeered a sophisticated spot on the Baja Peninsula for its aims. And this too: an outpost of Malibu Farm.

Founded by Helene Henderson, Malibu Farm is a physical avatar of simple, fresh, organic fare that complements Nobu-branded design signatures: natural finishes, indigenous touches and a reliable laid-back beauty, blended with the requisite celebrity splash. It’s an already crowded marquee with Nobu partners, chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert DeNiro, not leaving a whole heck of a lot of room for other players, like a close-by Tiger Woods-designed golf course and heaven knows who might be at the pool. But the smart money in this scenario, at least for this local, is Malibu Farm, the bright, airy, and senses-awakening concept one knows and loves.

Malibu Farm in Mexico is, palate to palette, not unlike Malibu Farm in Southern California: rigorously minimal. The concept’s no-secret-ingredient creed carries over to an interior that is organically drawn in woven textures, warm wood and senses-calming tones. Its embrace of the splendid outdoor conditions comes by way of sliding glass doors that beckon to be opened so that in can dependably flow a profusion of abundant unfiltered air and natural light that settles a halo over the place. Indistinguishable are the boundaries between indoors and out. Translating a casual refinement that evokes a chic, toes-in-the-sand character that is rampant in a more elevated Mexico, the Malibu Farm concept does not feature pop-up dining at the end of the pier, but there is the Pacific, and in this respect one feels quite close to home here.

The whole of the hotel is not unlike Malibu Farm: true to its roots. The roykan-inspired Nobu Hotel Los Cabos features a bold but effortless design narrative, punctuated with unswerving fluidity and a sense of the sculptural from social spaces to suites. The architectural orientation allows one to leave a closed, quiet enclave for an exposure of sun, sand and sea.

Clean lines frame all manner of connections, none more dramatically than between interior and exterior environments. Finally are the homegrown touches: meticulously pruned succulents and locally sourced stone, along with a sea of teak and Shoji-influenced elements. All serves to complete a gracefully spare picture, which is serene to the point of yoga class. And wouldn’t a juice from Malibu Farm be nice?

Photographs: Courtesy Of Nobu Hotel Los Cabos


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