Top agent Chris Cortazzo and new baby

Real Estate Influencer: Chris Cortazzo

Made in Malibu—the coveted enclave’s top agent Chris Cortazzo on the joys of fatherhood, soy lattes and the power of a good laugh.


Influencers: Bryn & Robb Stroyke

Adaptation, it is said, is the key to survival. In the real estate world, which, beset in recent years by a flurry of disruptions, the question is how to ride out a changing landscape while tending to...Read More

Influencer: Neil Norman

“I can’t sell anything that I don’t personally like,” says Neal Norman. When something catches his eye, though, like real estate, health and wellness or design, he tends to succeed. Take farming. “I’v...Read More

Influencer: Vincenzo Altamura

Working together as a trio adds up to a sum greater than its parts. Each Altamura brings strengths that benefit the running of the Altamura Real Estate Group, which offers everything from traditional ...Read More

alex abad

Market Influencer: Alex Abad

Alex Abad has spent the last 16 years in real estate—a pivot from an earlier chapter spent building up, and ultimately selling, his majority stake in a successful Los Angeles janitorial company that h...Read More

Influencer: Cindy Ambuehl

Cindy Ambuehl  FOUNDER CINDY AMBUEHL GROUP The Westside real estate maven talks the power of a personal touch—plus new technology. GROUP EFFORT Ambuehl has been in real estate for 12 years and is...Read More

DIGS Titan of Real Estate - Stephen Haw headshot

Influencer: Stephen Haw

Stephen Haw – A Real Estate Titan A glance at Stephen Haw’s real estate team reveals a group of agents serving the range of clients who are buying and selling in Palos Verdes and the Beach Citie...Read More

real estate insider, dan o'connor, o'connor property

South Bay Real Estate Influencer: Dan O’Connor

“I have a very casual way about me,” says Dan O’Connor. “I think it has a lot to do with growing up in a family where real estate was the lifestyle.”

Keeping Up With ED Kaminsky

Ask Ed Kaminsky what’s exciting these days, and it’s expansion. “We’re fine-tuning what we’re doing for our clients,” says Kaminsky from his firm’s new office, a sunny spot along Pacific Coast Highway...Read More

Bill Ruth, Charlie Raine, Carissa Wright - DIGS Market Influencers in Palos Verdes

DIGS Market Influencers: Bill Ruth, Charlie Raine & Carissa Wright

Charlie Raine and Bill Ruth have enjoyed a fruitful partnership as hometown agents. Real estate agent Carissa Wright and her husband were looking for a house in Palos Verdes and connected with Charlie...Read More

Kealy Construction—True Tradesmith in the South Bay

Patrick Kealy & Kealy Construction It’s just got to be right,” says Patrick Kealy, explaining a not-uncommon true tradesman’s instinct, to perfect each facet of a project, no matter the cost or sw...Read More

Tim Green and Dustin Gregg Team Up In The South Bay

Earlier this year, Tim Green and Dustin Gregg teamed up to pool their skills across building and design, and with it, created an all-in-one South Bay firm with a knack for nailing residential projects...Read More

Raju Chhabria The Eternal Entrepreneur

Market Influencer: Raju Chhabria FOUNDER CHHABRIA REAL ESTATE COMPANY Raju Chhabria’s love of Palos Verdes began on a fateful day in 1984. Recently moved to the South Bay from Bangalore, India, h...Read More

Santiago Arana Hollywood’s Top Real Estate Agent

Santiago Arana From busboy to a nationally ranked real estate agent, the managing partner of The Agency exemplifies an unrelenting will to succeed. MANAGING PARTNER THE AGENCY HOLLYWOOD̵...Read More

The Labor and Love of Real Estate: Gayle Probst

Market Influencer: Gayle Probst It’s one thing to reach the top of your field, quite another to stay there for years. For Gayle Probst, whose name is a familiar one in the world of Palos Verdes Penins...Read More

Darlene Hutton: Entrepreneur at Heart

DARLENE HUTTON PACIFIC UNION 310.428.4861 | PACIFICUNIONLA.COM FIRST IN CLASS One of the original 11 founding agents of Partners Trust, now Pacific Union, and soon-to-be Compass GIVING Co-Chair of the...Read More

Real Estate Market Influencer: Meridith Baer

The daughter of a prison warden, Meridith Baer learned at an early age to create a world of her own making. To play and handcraft games, fun and wonder out of thin air. “You do the best with what you ...Read More

Real Estate Market Influencer: Hugh Evans III

The group—Evans, Richard Stearns, Nick Segal, F. Ron Smith and David Findley—was looking to create an alternative to the existing agency model, where agents worked independently under a company banner...Read More

Sandro Dazzen, The Agency

Real Estate Market Influencer: Sandro Dazzan

Sandro Dazzan Made in Malibu There are about 30 listings on Sandro Dazzan’s docket. All are in Malibu and range from an $85 million mansion on Malibu Crest Drive—known as the “New Castle”—to a $5.8 mi...Read More

Real Estate Market Influencer: Greg Geilman

Greg Geilman Managing Director & Co-Founder, The DOMO Group Geilman’s firm, founded with veteran local agent Rob Freedman, has been a South Bay real estate force since the pair partnered in 2015. ...Read More

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