Author: Constance Dunn

Sandro Dazzen, The Agency

Real Estate Market Influencer: Sandro Dazzan

Sandro Dazzan Made in Malibu There are about 30 listings on Sandro Dazzan’s docket. All are in Malibu and range from an $85 million mansion on Malibu Crest Driv...Read More

Real Estate Market Influencer: Greg Geilman

Greg Geilman Managing Director & Co-Founder, The DOMO Group Geilman’s firm, founded with veteran local agent Rob Freedman, has been a South Bay real estate ...Read More

Surface Quality at Cambria in downtown Manhattan Beach

Cambria’s Manhattan Beach gallery offers an up-close look at the many faces of quartz It’s one thing to see a fetching countertop online or in a magazine—then a...Read More

Anthony Marguleas

Real Estate Market Influencer: Anthony Marguleas

Anthony Marguleas Founder of Amalfi Estates — Giving, Winning and Teaching “I have a weird belief on money. I believe once your basic needs are met, it should b...Read More

Real Estate Market Influencer: Gerard Bisignano | DIGS

Gerard Bisignano: The Beach Cities & Palos Verdes agent and marketing pro shares insights on the art of real estate The creative streak that feeds Gerard Bi...Read More

Cindy Ambuehl headshot
DIGS Market Influencer: James Respondek headshot

Real Estate Market Influencer: James Respondek | DIGS

James Respondek Real Estate Agent | Sotheby’s International Realty DIGS dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best real estate...Read More

DIGS Market Influencer: Ed Kaminsky

Real Estate Market Influencer: Ed Kaminsky

Ed Kaminsky Top 100 Real Estate Agent | The Kaminsky Real Estate Group DIGS dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best real estate professiona...Read More

The Birthday house, redondo beach

Natureba Brazilian Juice Bar Grab an Acai Bowl and a Smoothie

Natureba Brazilian Juice Bar sits on Artesia Boulevard in Redondo Beach, which churns out fresh smoothies, super-charged acai bowls and Brazilian snacks like ch...Read More

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