South Bay Digs • November 4, 2022

ON THE COVER Strand for All Time: Step inside a timeless beachfront home located on a particularly view-friendly slice of the Manhattan Beach Strand presented by Dennis Moloney of Strand Hill | Christie’s International Real Estate.
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Westside Digs • August 16, 2019

ON THE COVER A Point of Luxury: A home in a quiet enclave celebrates unparalleled views and a sprawling floor plan that put the wonders of Los Angeles at the front door presented by Ari Shram of the Agency, Vlad Gold, Natalia Gold and Dan Heston of Keller Williams Realty.
Westside Digs August 7 2020
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Westside Digs • August 7, 2020

ON THE COVER Paradise Found sprawling acreage in West Maui offered by Mary Anne Fitch of Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers. In this edition of South Bay DIGS Magazine discover Los Angeles luxury homes and celebrity homes for sale and top agents that represent them.