A Peaceful Perspective At La Granja Ibiza Hotel

La Granja Ibiza is a place like no other. Launched in collaboration with international association Friends of a Farmer, the property—a Design Hotels member—is spread over almost 25 acres and dates back to 1816.

Far From the Mass Tourism & Beach Blowouts of Ibiza, La Granja Ibiza Hotel Offers More Peaceful Perspective

After driving among a forest of pines, guests discover this agricultural refuge located in Sant Mateu, Spain. Characterized by classic Iberian architecture with Moorish influences, the exterior of the main building was completely preserved.

Inside, the team at design studio Dreimeta—led by Armin Fischer—focused on paying tribute to the farmhouse and its connection with nature, as well as reflecting its rustic simplicity. Inspired by the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi, Armin Fischer strove to keep as many of the original elements as possible. Instead of transforming everything and seeing his work as a renovation, Fischer considered this project more as conservation.

The public areas and six bedrooms—all of which are rented together—feature walls with bows and ceilings with dark wooden beams, adding to a charming atmosphere. In La Granja Ibiza, the kitchen and pool are two of the areas that invite gathering. Cozy nooks, however, also provide privacy. Natural materials such as wood, stone, linen, and brass, among others, were used throughout the spaces and will improve in appearance as time goes by. The simple layout, gray and brown tones, and the few pieces of furniture reflect the idea of focusing on the essential. Elegance, comfort, and craftsmanship blend in this project, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

In collaboration with the Ibiza Preservation Fund, La Granja Ibiza’s objective is also to protect the island thanks to local initiatives and programs and by supporting organic agriculture. Farmer Andy Szymanowicz, who is always available to explain his work to guests, produces around 30 different types of fruits and vegetables on this land. Chef José Catrimán uses exclusively local ingredients (from the orchard and from the island’s fisherman) to create dishes inspired by the environment and served on big tables where diners eat together.

In this peaceful and timeless atmosphere, with its slow food, yoga, mindfulness and meditation workshops, also are conferences about themes such as sustainability organized on a regular basis. La Granja Ibiza is a place where—contrary to its island’s party-central reputation—visitors are steeped in pleasures of the truly, and beautifully, essential.


Photographs: Courtesy Of Design Hotels

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