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South Bay Digs • March 10, 2023

ON THE COVER House of Views: A peaceful corner-lot Strand home, crafted by an architect as her personal residence, features elegant oceanfront living amid commanding

904 Highview Avenue: a Beacon on the Hill

904 Highview Avenue aka Sharon’s California House II in Manhattan Beach, which won a Residential Architect Design Award in 2000, was recently remodeled to bring

South Bay Digs • September 9, 2022

ON THE COVER A large Hill Section home, distinguished by airy spaces and unblocked ocean views, fuses family and social life under one roof—and on

South Bay Digs • July 29, 2022

ON THE COVER A sunlit walk street home in Manhattan Beach—created by award-winning Abramson Architects—delivers architectural precision and material opulence wrapped in panoramic coastal views

Sculpture on 17th Street: 312 17th Street

312 17th Street set on a smoothly ascending hillside dotted with luxe landscaped residences, the higher you climb, the more generous are the swaths of

South Bay Digs • July 1, 2022

ON THE COVER Walk Street by Design: A fresh beachside home with a rooftop deck and lots of keenly styled living spaces puts you right

57 7th Street: Walk Street By Design

Along the 7th Street walk street, there’s a new flourish in the form of an inviting contemporary home 57 7th Street, approximately 4,200 square feet

Ultra Strand: 1800 Strand

At the intersection of the Strand and the 18th Street walk street—perhaps the most charming street of its kind in a town that’s known for

South Bay Digs • March 11, 2022

ON THE COVER Ultra Strand: A high-altitude address on the Manhattan Beach Strand is home to unparalleled views of the ocean and coastline, plus a

South Bay Digs • October 15, 2021

ON THE COVER A World of Its Own: Exquisite craftsmanship and a tranquil, Pacific Rim design create a jewel of oceanfront living along the Manhattan