A Duplex in the Clouds: Inside Barbara Cartategui’s NYC Transformation

Nestled on the 78th and 79th floors of a Tribeca skyscraper, this New York City duplex boasts breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. Transformed by Workshop/APD, the interior is a gallery of contemporary art curated by expert art advisor Barbara Cartategui.



This New York City Duplex Features a Breathtaking Collection of Museum-quality Pieces Curated by Expert Art Advisor Barbara Cartategui for a Young Family

The 360-degree panorama of the Big Apple’s skyline—including views of the Statue of Liberty and Hudson and East rivers—is only one of the impressive features in this apartment occupying the 78th and 79th floors of a Tribeca skyscraper. Transformed by Workshop/APD, the interior spaces of this Lower Manhattan home, too, are home to many treasures. 

The glamorous couple who owns this home trusted New York City-based, Spanish-born art advisor Barbara Cartategui to gather the exceptional collection of contemporary art that adorns every room of the duplex, showcasing a mix of established and emerging artists.

“I really enjoy working on collections that are a ‘blank canvas,'” confesses Barbara Cartategui. “This gives me a chance to collaborate with the interior designers and create a very special synergy between every element (lighting, furniture, wall finishing, etc.). The art has to be completely integrated into the space and environment.”

Just under 6,000 square feet, the apartment—occupied by the couple and their two sons—is organized into two levels, comprising three bedrooms.

“I always like to include a variety of mediums (painting, sculpture, mixed media) because it adds intricacies and overall creates a more rounded and thought-provoking collection,” says Barbara Cartategui. “I really wanted to make sure we had included a large number of female artists.”

The living room becomes the backdrop for a visual dialogue between works by Angela de la Cruz and Tracey Emin (both Turner Prize nominees in 2010 and 1999, respectively), along with Rania Schoretsaniti.

“It is a very balanced selection of an intimate, small nude piece and two completely different wall sculptures (one made out of aluminum and the other of fabric-covered wood),” describes Barbara Cartategui.

Finding the perfect artwork for the primary bedroom’s sitting area required several months of research that resulted in the selection of a piece by Cuban artist Zilia Sánchez.

“Her work is characterized by her distinctive approach to formal abstraction through the use of undulating silhouettes, a muted color palette and a sensual vocabulary,” says Barbara Cartategui. 

Emerging artists such as Alberto Gil Casedas and Manolo Ballesteros were commissioned, making the home even more personal and unique.

“Sergio Gomez is a Spanish artist who came to New York to finalize the installation of his work in the space, which included painting directly on the wall of the family media room,” remembers the art curator.

Works by Jaume Plensa and Georg Baselitz (for the staircase), as well as James Turrell (between the living and dining rooms)—among others—are just some of the contributions to this duplex’s magical and almost meditative atmosphere, where harmony prevails.

Barbara Cartategui |

Photos: Read Mckendree


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