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Carl Gambino_b&w_web

Los Angeles’ Celebrity A-List Real Estate Influencer

Carl Gambino • Westside Estate Agency

Carl Gambino has taken the Los Angeles real estate market by storm, quickly moving up the ranks under the steady tutelage of Westside Estate Agency’s founder Kurt Rappaport. Immersed in the entertainment scene, Carl has networked his way to real estate stardom with fierce determination, work ethic, and a vision that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. It’s a case study on how to create opportunity for yourself in a very competitive market and we hope that you enjoy.

“It’s mainly about belief in your ability and networking, believing you can do it”



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Sally Forster Jones_b&w_web2

The $6 Billion Dollar Agent to the Stars

Sally Forster Jones • Compass

Prepare to get inspired in this special episode of DIGS Influencers as we hear the story of a living legend in the real estate industry – Sally Forster Jones. Sally’s journey began in Germany where her parents were Polish Holocaust survivors before immigrating to the United States at a young age. Her humble beginnings and work ethic are foundational to her purpose-driven life and her success in real estate is truly remarkable as she consistently sells over $300M per year as a top-ranked agent in the U.S.

“No one gave anything to me—It really was up to me”

From Seinfeld to Fashion to Real Estate Superstar

Cindy Ambuehl • Compass

Join us in this very special episode of DIGS Influencers as we interview one of the most well-known and respected real estate agents in the U.S., Cindy Ambuehl.  Before becoming a real estate superstar, Cindy was a successful actress, appearing on several well-known television series including JAG and Seinfeld, who then transitioned into fashion and later real estate.  In this episode, you’ll learn that luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, listings generate more listings, neighbors sell neighborhoods and much more.

“Branding is extremely important and I don’t know that all agents understand how imperative it is”

Martial Artist, Multilinguist and Record-setting Real Estate Broker

Stephen Haw • Keller Williams Palos Verdes

With a passion for golf, martial arts and the business of real estate, Stephen Haw has received every accolade and award in the industry. But what drives Stephen and makes him unique is his “human touch” approach to the business – it’s the thing that will never be displaced by the continued disruptive technology and automation happening in the industry. Join Stephen as he takes on a journey that began in Taiwan, to earning a marketing degree at Oregon State University, and becoming a “real estate King” on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

“The policy in China really had a major impact on the Chinese buyer coming to the United States”
Sandro Dazzen, The Agency

Living, Working and Selling the Dream in Malibu California

Sandro Dazzan • The Agency

Born and raised in Malibu California, Sandro Dazzan has earned his place as one of the very top performing real estate agents in the Country while representing A-List Malibu clientele and help make their real estate dreams come true. Cat lover, surfer, husband, father and Malibu lifer, Sandro Dazzan epitomizes how hard work, focus, dedication, and market knowledge continue to drive his success. Sandro is a case study in how you build a remarkable and authentic real estate brand in a local community.

“I made more on that deal than what Morgan Stanley had offered me for the first year of work”
Bill Ruane DIGS Influencers

RE/MAX Superstar Outworks, Outplays & Out-Earns the Competition

Bill Ruane • RE/MAX Estate Properties

El Segundo native, Bill Ruane, has done what few real estate agents have done before him – build a mega empire within one small community, balancing a mix of residential and commercial. Bill defines what happens when you blend hard work and passion as he has risen to the top of RE/MAX nationally, won every award there is to win, and continually ranking as one of the top agents in the nation. Learn Bill’s unique perspective on the market, tips on how to scale your business, and how staying true to the fundamentals is the secret to his success.

“El Segundo has the second most Fortune 500 companies in California apart from San Francisco”
Altamuras b&w

First-generation Italian from Hoboken, NJ creates family real estate dynasty

John • Gio • Vince • Altamura Real Estate Group

Next up, the story of John Altamura and his sons, Gio & Vince and how they built a local real estate dynasty in the South Bay. From humble beginnings in Hoboken, New Jersey to becoming a local titan of real estate, the Altamura family epitomizes the American Dream. The trio continues to run a wildly successful real estate boutique brokerage based in Manhattan Beach and has cemented their status as one of the most respected & trusted names in the community.

“That’s what they have to say, ‘you’re right dad, again'”
Michael Edlen b&w

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Agent Finds Success by Serving Others First

Michael Edlen • Coldwell Banker

Prepare to get inspired and enlightened by our intimate conversation with Michael Edlen, who has built a stellar real estate career dedicated to serving others. Learn how Michael and the Edlen Team reach new heights year-after-year while averaging 4 real estate transactions per month since 1990 and have lifetime sales volume over $2 Billion. Michael is one of the real estate industry’s true independent thinkers and strategists – learn how his team continues to deliver results for their clients and the local community.

“My philosphy is to educate why the algorithmic approach, at least in our market area, is highly unreliable.”
Mauricio Umansky, The Agency

Selling the Playboy Mansion & Landing the First $100M Deal in LA

Mauricio Umansky • The Agency

Mauricio Umansky, perennial Top 10 agent in the Country and Founder & CEO of The Agency. Discover how from an early age running a textile business with his father helped solidify his hunger and drive to become a true industry titan. You’ll learn how he represents celebrities like Prince, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and others, how he founded and runs one of the disruptive and preeminent brokerages in the world—The Agency, to selling the first estate to break the $100M mark in Los Angeles—The Playboy Mansion and tons more. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.

“Being on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing certainly helps brand awareness”
Neal Norman, Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

Founder of Kauai Organic and Hawaii Naturals Turned Hawaii’s #1 Agent

Neal Norman • Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

On a cross-pacific call with real estate Rockstar Neal Norman in Kauai as we learn how he became the #1 real estate agent in the state of Hawaii with over $2 Billion in lifetime sales volume. Neal tells us about how it’s important to create and turn your real estate business into a lifestyle and truly live the life you want. You’ll gain invaluable tips and advice on buying/selling real estate in Hawaii and learn why celebrities from the mainland continue to flock to Hawaii and live the ultimate island lifestyle.

“We have a lot of random market occurrences here, someone just falls in love, it’s emotional, they don’t need the house, they want the house”
Ruth, Raine & Carissa - DIGS Influencers b&w

Three Agents, Three Brokerages form Powerhouse Real Estate Team

Bill Ruth, Charlie Raine, Carissa Wright • Ruth & Raine

Top agent trio—Ruth, Raine & Wright discusses what it’s like to live and work in Palos Verdes, California. You’ll get an inside look into the gated community of Rolling Hills, where 10-car garages, panoramic ocean views, and multi-million-dollar estates are par for the course. Listen as they share insider-only stories that you have to hear to believe, how they all got started in the business, discuss the largest parcel of land on the hill and why working for three top brokerages as one team is the secret to their success.

“We have this conversation with our clients all the time, we feel Rolling Hills is undervalued by at least 50%”
Dan O'Connor

South Bay Local Goes from $8/hour to Selling $14M Properties on The Strand

Dan O'Connor • O'Connor Property

DIGS Influencers sits down with South Bay native and top agent Dan O’Connor as he shares his local upbringing and unique perspective on real estate and what it takes to become a top local agent. Dan epitomizes the real estate is local adage — learning the business from the ground up from his mother, who enjoyed great success before passing the torch on to her son. Learn how Dan worked his way into being one of the biggest and most respected agents in the South Bay.

“Some of the most motivated buyers are the neighbors, you’re seeing them come grab the small house next door so that they can put a pool in or put a guest house”
Anthony Marguelas b&w

How Leading a Purpose Driven Life is the True Definition of Success

Anthony Marguleas • Amalfi Estates

Anthony Marguleas is a true real estate industry pioneer and one of the top agents in the Country year-after-year. Learn how Anthony reverse engineered his real estate business, Amalfi Estates, by building a charity model with 10% of all his commissions going to charitable causes. Anthony offers his personal insight on the real estate market, how he’s championing & challenging all brokerages to give back and how he re-branded a one block radius in Brentwood that allowed him to sell a home for 4x more than historical marketing pricing in the area.

“At the end of our lives, do you want your tombstone to say, I’m the #1 agent, or this is how many families I’ve helped, and this is how I’ve given back to the community?”
Alex Abad b&w

A Case Study in Hard Work, Perseverance & Persistence

Alex Abad • Compass Real Estate

Alex Abad defines the American Dream – immigrating from Argentina with little means to becoming a self-taught entrepreneur and today a real estate industry titan. You’ll learn how adversity and disadvantage gave Alex the inspiration to realize his dreams and give back to others. Learn how Alex became the “real estate mayor” of his hometown in El Segundo California and how taking one photo of a beach sunset changed his business forever. It’s a masterclass in branding and creating a legacy for your business.

“In the last two years, nearly 200 new companies have come into el segundo, so it’s become a mecca for the high-tech industry”
Ed Kaminsky b&w

From Jewelry Salesman to Top 100 Agent in the Country

Ed Kaminsky • Strand Hill Properties

DIGS Influencers sits down with top 100 agent Ed Kaminsky as he provides tips on how to succeed in any market condition. Learn about Ed’s lifelong journey as an entrepreneur, first as a young kid selling stickers in Cleveland Ohio to eventually becoming a jewelry salesman, all of which helped shape his commitment to success. New real estate agents will discover Ed’s secret to success and how to trust the process and gain traction in your business in the first six months.

“Some of the most successful people that have built amazing things, did not come from their own industry”
Santiago Arana Hollywood's Top Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent That Turned $120 into $2 Billion from Scratch

Santiago Arana • The Agency

DIGS Influencers sits down with talks with Santiago Arana on how he turned $120 in his pocket to $2 billion in real estate. You’ll discover what sets him apart from the 5,000+ agents in Los Angeles, how he starts his morning routine, tips on how he generated $420 million in sales in 2017 and how you can too, on creating cutting edge spec properties, running one of the most preeminent brokerages in the luxury real estate market, representing many of the country’s most visible and high-end properties—The Agency and much more.

“The home I sold to Lady Gaga in Malibu was the highest sale on the non-beach side ever.”