Architect Stephen Francis Jones: Crafting Today’s Social Spaces

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Architect Stephen Francis Jones kicked off his career in a big way when Wolfgang Puck hired him to re-imagine the A-list eatery Spago. Stephen Francis Jones then moved on to re-visioning other landmark restaurants before adding other public spaces, like food courts and work spaces, to the mix. Today he continues to create unforgettable social spaces that facilitate the utmost levels of comfort, stimulation and fun.

Stephen joins the podcast to talk about the continuously shifting lines of work and play, how biking and beach volleyball make for better architecture and recalls his early career days, like working for flamboyant post-modernist Ricardo Bofill in Barcelona.

“The key for a good design is to understand your client, where they’re coming from, what their objectives are,” says Jones, “and not so much implementing your own ideas and trying to make them their ideas. That ability to connect with someone and say, ‘Here’s an idea I just heard you say.'”

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