Architect | Design | Build 2020

Our annual year-end Architect | Design | Build edition is a special occasion for DIGS, our marketing partners, our readers and the local communities we serve – it’s a time when we celebrate architecture and design from the past, present, and future and pay homage to the spaces we shape and form into what we call home.

DIGS Special Edition—A Celebration of Architecture and Design for Home Enthusiasts

With heartfelt gratitude and respect, DIGS celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year and we would like to sincerely thank our marketing partners and readers whose support enables us to exist.  The world was much different in the fall of 2010 when we started and we are honored and thankful that you allow us to continue to have a voice and serve the essential services that real estate agents and local communities provide.

“The mother art is architecture.  Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

We’ve always felt that HOME was the most vital link in the community chain and this difficult year has brought new meaning and perspective on the importance, safety, sanctity, and serenity we find in our homes.

The Kaufmann House, Palm Springs California | Richard Neutra 1947

Don’t miss our feature cover story on the Kaufmann House designed by architect Richard Neutra in 1947, easily one of the most iconic and significant examples of architecture in the entire country.  Emerging from the dry desert landscape in the foothills north of downtown Palm Springs, the Kaufmann house is a breathtaking work of art perfecting blending the elements of glass, metal, and sandstone.  And it just hit the market with an asking price of $25 million.

The Lovell Health House, Los Angeles California | Richard Neutra 1929

The Lovell Health House is surely one of the greatest homes and notable architecture in Los Angeles – with its perfect boxy steel frame and glass structure that helped put Richard Neutra in the architectural big leagues.  The centerpiece of the home is the cavern-like sunken living room accessed by a dramatic stairwell with built-in furniture designed by Neutra.  The home is for sale for the first time since 1961 – don’t miss our feature article!

Our vision to connect, inform, and influence real estate communities is steadfast, resilient and something we don’t ever take for granted.

Happy Holidays and may all your real estate dreams come true in 2021.

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