Made in Mayumi

A new stay, play and work alternative debuts in Culver City

While establishing office buildings to meet the needs of Culver City’s growing technology and media industries for the past five years, HQ Development began getting requests from its tenants and their mobile workforces for nearby flexible-living accommodations and event spaces. The idea for Mayumi was born. Fast-forward to today, and the company has transformed a dilapidated Westside motel into a new boutique property that will provide long-term visitors with a flexible, all-inclusive residential-stay alternative paired with public meeting spaces and special events, while also offering nightly lodging options.

“Mayumi is a Japanese word meaning: ‘Ma’ (mother); ‘Yu’ (courage, or alternatively, emerging/appearing to help others); and ‘Mi’ (beauty),” says Alexander Bird, co-founder of Mayumi and principal of HQ Development. “This fits our ethos perfectly, as we want our guests to feel at home in a beautiful space, while also providing a strong aspect of community around them that suits their needs for a positive living and work environment.”


Situated at 5630 Sawtelle Blvd. in the heart of Culver City—in a private locale easily accessible to the Silicon Beach—the contemporary-style building and stylish custom interiors were designed by L.A. architecture firm Shubin Donaldson. Expect an elevated residential concept offering 35 private rooms featuring hotel amenities (including a free, private high-speed network and weekly housekeeping services), with rates starting at $150 per day.


Among the amenities is a common courtyard with Internet, a full-service kitchen, fire pit, barbecue area, and sites to relax, work and host group dinners. Activities include yoga, and special events and discussion panels. A fleet of bicycles even is available for guests’ use.

“Mayumi will provide flexible-stay accommodations coupled with events to give both visitors and locals the chance to interact in thoughtfully designed indoor-outdoor community spaces,” says Bird. “The flexibility of easy-to-book long- and short-term stays paired with a community aspect is unlike anything Los Angeles has to offer right now.”

Photography Courtesy of Roger Davies

5630 Sawtelle Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230
310.765.2008 |

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