K-Town Heads West

Chef-driven Korean barbecue finds a home at Culver City’s Hanjip

Written by Michelle Lyn | Photos Courtesy of Hanjip

Inspired by the success of Kogi (the Korean/Latin food truck sensation), innovative chef Chris Oh, thought, “People love Korean food, and people love sausages, so let me put them together.”

After plenty of research and development, sausage-making lessons on YouTube and product testing on friends, Seoul Sausage Co. was born and foodies took note of Oh’s culinary prowess.

Fast forward a few years, and Oh has partnered with veteran restaurateur Stephane Bombet, of Bombet Hospitality Group, to open Hanjip, a Korean barbecue concept in Culver City.

The founder of notable restaurants Picca, Mo-chica, Paiche, Terrine and downtown’s Faith & Flower, Bombet has been on a hot streak with some of the most critically-acclaimed restaurants in the country. Together, Oh and Bombet make a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative pair.

Opening his version of a Korean barbecue restaurant has been a life-long dream for Oh. And, with a goal of bringing high quality cuts of meat, seafood, banchan, refined décor and customer service all under one roof, Hanjip means “one house.”

Appeasing hordes of Westsiders who no longer have to trek east for a taste of traditional Korean cuisine, Hanjip combines familiar flavors with Oh’s unique touch to elevate classic dishes.

Broken down into four main parts, the menu is meat-centric, with Kurobuta pork featured in the form of pork belly, shoulder, neck and jowl. Prime beef also abounds with marinated Short Rib, Bulgogi (marinated, sliced rib-eye) and Sliced Brisket. Popular Chef’s Cuts consist of Beef Tongue, Baby Octopus, or the gluttonous Tomahawk steak with foie gras butter that weighs in at $150. The “Bonus” section is really the “grab bag” of the menu, with items like Uni Steamed Egg, Bone Marrow Corn Cheese, Seafood Pancake, and Watermelon Soju with fruity pebbles and pop rocks. “Extra” goodies include Soy Bean Stew in bone broth and Kimchi Stew, also in bone broth. Rounding out the menu is the globally eclectic beverage list. Korean beers and Soju hold their own next to crisp, Basque txakoli and sparkling French rosé.

If you can’t snag a spot at dinner, lunch specials include Dolsot Bibimbap (stone pot rice with bulgogi), Katsu fried chicken and a Poke Bowl, all under $15.

When deciding where to enjoy your next meal out, roll up your sleeves, grab some chopsticks and pull up a seat around the grill at Hanjip for a festive, communal dinner, and, if feeling adventurous, ask about the secret menu with dishes like jook bal (cold-braised pigs feet) and pig head with kimchi oysters.

3829 Main Street, Culver City, CA 90232
323.720.8804 | Hanjip.com

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