Igor Nastaskin of RE/MAX Palos Verdes Realty

For some, home can be an elusive concept, referring to a time or place, perhaps more than one, where we've felt most connected, at ease, or ourselves. For Igor Nastaskin, home is specific: It's the Hollywood Riviera in the South Bay, where he's lived since the 1990s, raising a family and building a flourishing real estate business along the way.



A Seasoned Hollywood Riviera Agent Blends a Hefty Business Acumen With the Wisdom of Home to Bring Real Estate Bliss to His Clients

“We bought our first house here in 1995,” he says of the scenic Beach Cities enclave. “My wife’s family has lived here since the 1950s.”

For Igor Nastaskin, the path taken to Southern California’s shores included a few stops, some far-flung and global. It’s a path that would ultimately result in the agent garnering the formal business chops to cement his unique success in real estate, including an MBA, a CPA, and about 20 years of executive roles that capped off with him as assistant controller for Santa Monica tech firm Activision, where he oversaw daily accounting operations for the global publisher of games like Call of Duty. 

It was his early life experiences, however, that gave him a profound understanding of what lies at the root of real estate—the true meaning of home.

“I was born in Kiev, Ukraine,” recounts Igor Nastaskin, who then lived in Israel and Belgium with his family before settling in Chicago in the mid-1970s. Life in the Soviet Union was difficult, and he spent his early years living in an apartment that his family was forced to share with another family.

“Housing in Communist Russia,” Igor Nastaskin describes, “was very restrictive.”

Such experiences in youth, along with moving from place to place, prompted him to reflect on the power of home: how pivotal it was to one’s wellbeing, and how it could serve as the fountainhead of a satisfying life.

“I observed how people live and feel when they own their own homes,” says the agent. “Your home is your castle, and it has a lot to do with the quality of your life and your level of happiness.”

The Hollywood Riviera’s Agent
Igor has lived in the Hollywood Riviera for over 25 years

A South Bay Scope
He focuses on real estate in Redondo Beach and the Beach Cities, along with Torrance, Palos Verdes, and San Pedro

Igor ranks in the top 2% of Individual Producers at RE/MAX Estate Properties, out of 550+ agents, and is a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award winner

To that end, Igor Nastaskin has dedicated his career to bringing maximum contentment to clients when buying and selling real estate.

The result of a housing move, he points out, “it can be devastating—or enthralling if you make the right decision.”

In the pursuit of the latter, he focuses on gathering the details of each client’s situation, digging deep, and applying an accountant’s filter to best advise him or her.

“I understand the numbers; I understand tax laws,” Igor Nastaskin states. “I know enough to recognize what makes sense, and what doesn’t make sense.”

While running the numbers is important, so is understanding the life-changing scenario behind each transaction.

“When you buy or sell a house, there’s usually a lot of reasons behind it,” he explains.

“Some of the reasons are valid, but some may not be well-thought-out. I want to understand my client’s situation in its totality because while real estate is important to me, it’s not nearly as important as my client having no regrets.”

For Igor Nastaskin, life in the Hollywood Riviera is about contentment—being conscious of the striking beauty of the place, and grateful for his place in it. Describing the Hollywood Riviera as “a little jewel that no one knows about,” he counts the Esplanade, the leafy walking trail that runs adjacent to Calle De Arboles, as well as the Riviera Village, among his favorite local spots.

Whether enjoying the vivid sunsets, strolling the quaint shops and restaurants of the Riviera Village, or watching people surf and play beach volleyball, he’s always in appreciation mode.

“I don’t take anything for granted,” Igor Nastaskin says.

“As a child, I would have never thought I would be so blessed to be here. I feel fortunate to have immigrated to the United States, and I’m very grateful to have found Southern California. I pinch myself for how lucky I am.”

Igor Nastaskin | (310) 892-6016
RE/MAX Palos Verdes Realty

Photographs Courtesy of Igor Nastaskin


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