Cindy Ambuehl Talks Switching to Compass

Cindy Ambuehl, Nikki Magliarditi, Zander Diamont
Cindy Ambuehl (Center) and Her Team: Agents Zander Diamont (Right) and Nikki Magliarditi (Left).
When DIGS last spoke with Cindy Ambuehl she was smoothly multitasking, being interviewed while doing her hair and ironing out last-minute details for her event. The occasion? A party at one of her listings, a sleek Brentwood home on North Tigertail with a price tag just shy of $11 million.

Cindy Ambuehl Founder of the Cindy Ambuehl Group Has Switched from The Agency to Compass—Westside Real Estate Maven Talks the Power of a Personal Touch

There would be a jazz band and sushi, and attendance would be more than double of what was expected. Cindy Ambuehl’s Instagram feed would broadcast live videos of the event to her significant following.

“People didn’t leave until nearly 2 in the morning,” she says. “It was phenomenal.”

The success of the evening was evidenced shortly after. “We ended up having someone come through the house on the night of the party,” she recounts.

“The next day he wrote an offer, and we closed two weeks later.”

It’s not unlike Cindy Ambuehl to employ a creative mix of methods to get all eyes on her listings—in this case, layering a live event atop social media to generate extra buzz.


Cindy Ambuehl has been in real estate for 12 years and is founder of the Cindy Ambuehl Group.


Named one of “Hollywood’s Top 30 Real Estate Agents” by The Hollywood Reporter.


She’s played a real estate agent on five TV shows, including The Bold and the Beautiful, starring her husband Don Diamont.

Then again, she’s not your typical agent. After 20-plus years as a successful actress, culminating in a three-year run on the TV series JAG and appearing on Seinfeld, Cindy Ambuehl set her sights on real estate and ended up a partner at The Agency.

On April 1 of this year, Cindy Ambuehl moved brokerages, switching to Compass.

“It was a really big decision for me,” says the mother of seven, whose love for The Agency remains strong.

Wanting to develop the newish Cindy Ambuehl Group—which includes son Zander Diamont, a former football MVP and social media pro turned agent, and Nikki Magliarditi, who spent two years as Ambuehl’s assistant prior to becoming a full-time agent—its namesake eyed Compass as the best fit for her current goals.

“I wanted to be where I would have the best opportunity to grow my team,” she explains. “It’s been an amazing experience so far.”

For Ambuehl, forming a group has everything to do with reaching more clients while sustaining her distinct business style.

“We have a personal connection with our clients,” she says of her team.

Cindy Ambuehl of the Cindy Ambuehl Group

“There’s a sense of trust and familiarity.” It’s a strong agent-client relationship that comes from her do-or-die service approach. “We work around the clock to accommodate clients,” Ambuehl points out. “We’re one-hundred percent there for them—it’s always about them.” This, she points out, is the most important part of her business, the part that will never change.

What a client can expect going forward is to reap the benefits of Ambuehl’s new investment in digital marketing, which will enable creative campaigns and a global reach. “We’ll be able to promote our clients’ listings like never before,” she declares.

Citing strong organizational and time management skills as contributors to her success, Ambuehl also points to a knack for remaining even-keeled no matter the scenario, and more importantly, having a mindset that never takes success for granted. The former is a trait she developed during her show business days in order to shine during big-ticket auditions.

(“I would have to take a nice deep breath, and walk in the door, cool, calm and collected,” she recalls.)

Today, it’s invaluable during real estate negotiations and listing appointments. The latter quality, gratitude, is an inheritance from her police officer father and homemaker mother; part of a working-class perspective she’s retained and is taking care to pass along to her sons.

“Luxury to us was maybe going to the Olive Garden or getting a nice set of cotton sheets. We didn’t have a lot, but we didn’t care. We were happy.”

Cindy Ambuehl of the Cindy Ambuehl Group

“I’m the same person now as I was in high school in Anaheim, California,” she states.

Ambuehl, whose current listings range from $2.5 to $25 million, and whose brand category is clearly luxury, is quick to note that it’s a relative state, and can be experienced at any price point.

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