Your Daily Krust

Creatively spun classics, fresh from the oven, make their debut at Redondo Beach’s newest hometown bakery

Written by Constance Dunn | Photography by Paul Jonason

Redondo Beach newcomer Krust harkens sweetly back to a time when you could swing by the town bakery to pick up a just-baked dessert or fresh trifle for a special occasion, or to revive yourself during a less-than-perfect day. “Traditional and American,” says owner and top-notch baker Yonghee, who can usually be found in the kitchen, baking away. “Good food, classic and simple.”

Top sellers at Krust—where everything is made from scratch each day— include a hearty, creamy quiche and a tangy lemon tart complete with a flaky, buttery crust. “I make one a day,” says Yonghee of the darling apple pie, a golden, dome-shaped delight that’s the perfect size to share among two or three people. The baked ham and cheese soft roll is another crowd-pleaser, as is a scone roiled with smoked bacon and chive. Lest you be wed to any one treat, know that items are rotated regularly, with creative new stars brought in while others fade from the lineup from time to time.

The peaceful, minimalist shop, tucked along Pacific Coast Highway, shares a parking lot with Cardio Barre along the Antiques Row neighborhood, just a minute north of Riviera Village. Though the doors of Krust have only been open for a few months, and formal promotion of the place has been scarce, the consistent stream of smiling locals streaming in is testament to the siren song of the tasty, handcrafted wares stocked behind the baker’s gleaming cases.

TIP If you’re planning to stock up for a special event or dinner party, get to Krust as early in the morning as possible (they open at 7am), since the most popular items tend to sell out rather quickly.

1300 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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