The Art of the Break

The Fika Company bumps South Bay’s coffee consciousness even higher

Written by Constance Dunn | Photography by Paul Jonason

In Sweden, there’s an age-old cultural tradition called fika, named for the practice of taking some time out of one’s day for a break and a chat, perhaps with a pastry or two, and always a cup of coffee. A local nod to the practice has opened in the form of The Fika Company, an elegantly hip coffee haunt along Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach.

 Founded by Andres Pineros, a Colombian native who, despite being born in a land known for producing an exceptional brew, discovered his love for a fine cup of coffee while living in Sweden, where he also met partner Emelie, a pale blond Swede with a broad smile who can often be spotted at the counter.

The focus of the already buzzing shop is on serving only the highest grades of Colombian beans, purchased by direct-trade from producers and roasted in small batches at Fika’s onsite roastery. There’s a daily offering of fresh pastries to savor with that cold brew or warm “pour over” (both are ways to prepare coffee that optimize flavor). And “savor” Pineros sincerely hopes you do, perhaps seated on a leather couch or in the fresh-air seating area out front. “Take 10 minutes. Cool down. Get down your thoughts,” says the coffee maestro. “Take off the stress.

Enjoy a cup of coffee. Talk to someone. That’s quality of life.”


350 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach

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