Swish at Shabu

Written by Constance Dunn | Photography by Paul Jonason

Experience the art of the hot pot at Ishabu Shabu

Inspired by the ancient Mongolian practice of one pot cooking, shabu shabu is a fine fit for South Bay’s health-minded dining sensibilities, with thin slices of premium meat, seafood and vegetables swished in a pot of simmering broth to quickly absorb nutrients. Shabu shabu—which means “swish swish” quite literally— allows one to cook items to peak personal preference.

This spring, a new Japanese shabu shabu joint has come to Redondo Beach along Pacific Coast Highway—Ishabu Shabu. Step inside the modern spot, take a seat at your individual station and start making decisions. First it’s broth: konbu is a light-bodied seaweed broth while sukiyaka offers a more flavorful, sweet-and-sour tinged profile from soy sauce and cooking sake. Finally, there’s an opaque blend of miso and tofu. Next, select your main ingredients from a menu that includes U.S. Kobe and angus rib-eye prime, along with lamb, pork or chicken. There’s glistening-fresh seafood (salmon, shrimp, mussels and scallops) and a veggie only option, too.

Speaking of, a verdant assortment of bok choy, big mushrooms, carrots, corn and more accompanies each order, as does rice and udon noodles. Once you’ve swished and sauce-dipped your way through meat and vegetables, combine leftover broth with rice as a finale. Wash it all down with a dozen choices of beer or sake from the beverage list. And if you stop by for weekday lunch, take advantage of the Small Portion Special.


1212 S. Pacific Coast Highway #200, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

424.206.6993 | IshabuShabu.com

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