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About 10 years ago Stephen Haw saw the future and it was specialization. The longtime real estate agent noted there were increasingly distinct groups of buyers and sellers coming to Palos Verdes and the Beach Cities, where the majority of his business is concentrated

Serving Distinct Client Segments With a Unique Team—Stephen Haw has been Riding the Crest of a Changing Real Estate Market for Over 30 Years

Stephen Haw of The Stephen Haw Group at Keller Williams began to offer a more customized experience, with a team of agents whose real estate specialties were tailored to the unique circumstances of clients. In many cases, his agents spoke a client’s language, literally.

“My team consists of people from all backgrounds,” says Stephen Haw, “so we’ve been able to serve different kinds of communities for the last decade.”

Stephen Haw has been in real estate since the early-1980s and has bought or sold over $1 billion of real estate on behalf of clients.

In 2019 and 2020 he received Keller Williams Realty’s Millionaire Agent Award—its highest distinction.

Previously, Haw was with RE/MAX for 20-plus years, where he was a recipient of numerous awards, including the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and RE/MAX International Circle of Legends Awards

Just as Stephen Haw believes in having the right agent on hand for every client—from a green home specialist to agents fluent in English, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dialects—he also points out there’s no such thing as a bad time to be in the real estate business.

“There is a buyer or seller for any kind of market condition,” Stephen Haw says, pointing out that during the first eight months of 2021, his 10-person team has already sold over $148 million dollars of real estate.

It’s a flexible, charge-ahead mindset that helps his group swiftly pivot to meet changing real estate conditions, and serve different market segments, whether the listing is a condominium in Torrance or an oceanview estate in Palos Verdes.

“Every property can be sold with the right price—that has always been my philosophy,” states Stephen Haw.

For instance, during the last few years the number of buyers from China, previously a sizable part of Stephen Haw’s business, has been stilted. Meanwhile, the number of buyers they’re serving from the Beach Cities, who are transplanting to Palos Verdes in search of more spacious digs, has blossomed.

“In the last six months or so,” he points out, “nearly all of our Palos Verdes listings have sold for over their asking price.”

More buyers than sellers in Palos Verdes means there are competing buyers and multiple offers on a single home. And, since he points out, there can only be one buyer per home, Stephen Haw is more than happy to help find the ideal homes for those buyers who’ve been outbid.

“The way I do business is different than other agents,” Stephen Haw points out.

New clients come almost exclusively from referrals; a byproduct of his success in real estate since he first set up shop in the South Bay during the early 1980s.

“Word of mouth is one of the best assets I have in terms of real estate,” declares the agent, who has kept a decades-long emphasis on building and maintaining a positive brand, starting with his earliest days selling homes in Torrance.

“People talk,” he muses.

Even Stephen Haw’s leisure time is spent with purpose. Weekly, he and his wife head to the golf course at Rolling Hills Country Club, often with colleagues and clients, or play tennis.

“We need to keep ourselves in good shape,”

Stephen Haw chuckles, though conscious of the role of physical activity in de-stressing and keeping one’s energy levels strong. In the past, Stephen Haw studied and even taught Chinese martial arts, which he credits with boosting his discipline and confidence. 

As driven as Stephen Haw is, his interpersonal style is even-keeled and amiable. Steady, like the credo that’s driven his business since its inception: “Every buyer and seller has a different set of preferences and a distinct financial situation,” he states. “We simply listen to our clients’ needs and fulfill them.”

There’s also a generosity in sharing his sizable wealth of real estate knowledge with others. After all, it’s a business that after many years continues to bring him satisfaction.

“If anybody has any questions about anything in real estate,” Stephen Haw offers, “they’re welcome to call me—any time.”

The Stephen Haw Group | 310.503.9886

Photographs Courtesy of the Stephen Haw Group

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