The Real Estate Impact of the NFL in Los Angeles

DIGStv looks at the real estate impact of the NFL moving into LA with NFL Network’s Dan Hellie, and SportStar Relocation’s Ed Kaminsky.

What will the Real Estate Impact of the National Football League (NFL) in Los Angeles be?

DIGStv looks at the real estate impact of the NFL moving into Los Angeles, and not just with one team, but two…the dry spell has ended. The LA Rams have finished their first season back in Los Angeles, and the now LA Chargers are on their way for the 2017-2018 NFL Season.

Without a doubt, the new Inglewood stadium effort, much more than merely a stunning new complex, will have wider macroeconomic effects on the Los Angeles real estate market, including all niche verticals of residential, investment and commercial. Athletes, home owners, investors and businesses will all have a stake in the progress.

Constance Dunn discusses the Inglewood stadium effort and the wider real estate impact with NFL Network’s Dan Hellie, plus SportStar Relocation and nationally ranked realtor Ed Kaminsky.

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