Megan Neel Offers a Grand Palos Verdes Villa

The sunlit Palos Verdes villa offered by Megan Neel—approximately 11,000 square feet in size—is perched on approximately 200 feet of peninsula oceanfront, and no matter where one roams on the five-bedroom property, one is always aware of this happy fact.

At This Exclusive Palos Verdes Villa, Enduring Coastal Aesthetics Make the Most of a Majestic Natural Setting

In Spanish, oleadas means waves, which is an apt name for the setting of one of the most classically elaborate—and easy-living—oceanfront estates in Southern California. After strolling across the sunburst stone tile of the alfresco entrance, fitted with Tuscan columns and green landscaping, and walking through grand, arched doorway, one is met with leagues of waves on show.

“The owner had a vision of a classic Italian concept,” says real estate agent Megan Neel of RE/MAX Estate Properties, “and a commitment to impeccable quality and keen attention to detail.”

Built about a decade ago, the property is the creation of a prolific real estate developer who fashioned it for his personal use. Collaborating with architect Luis de Moraes and interior designer Michael Wrusch, the homeowner handpicked a team of specialized subcontractors to create every nook and cranny of the ornate home.

“He understands construction from the inside out,” Megan Neel explains and put it to good use in a property that this Palos Verdes agent and local native describes as “the crown jewel” of the peninsula, owing to its bulls-eye mashup of build quality and singular location, which spans over three-quarters of an acre along an ocean-gazing bluff.

Wings of the home are arranged around a central gallery—a collection of gathering spaces marked by gracious fireplaces and a soaring ceiling. The latter is richly ornamented by glossy wood beams with hearty carved edges, which are set against panels intricately bordered in gold and pale blue. It’s an impressive space that becomes even more so as custom glass walls disappear and in pour scenes unique to this property’s position, nestled as it is along a southern curve of Lunada Bay. Here, the seascape is pure California coastline: white-tipped waves lap against a rocky shoreline and birds circle against a pink-tinged sky. Nearby are steep cliffs and a bluff top decked with palm trees and native green. 

It’s an uplifting, dramatic atmosphere that lasts far beyond its electric-hued sunsets. “A lot of ocean-view properties have ocean views until the sun goes down,” Megan Neel says. “Then it’s pitch black.”

By contrast, due to the villa’s position, one is treated to a glow of coastal lights that casts across the water and bluffs after dark.

“You have additional beauty in the evening and nighttime,” she points out, creating an exquisite atmosphere whether one is peacefully lounging outside or entertaining. With its free-flowing open spaces, the home can easily accommodate several hundred guests for a party.

“It is very much oriented towards an entertaining home,” notes Megan Neel, “but it will also function as a family home.”

Much can be said for the design of the home, which enables a lifestyle duality amidst an easygoing flow. While the villa includes features that one might anticipate—a roomy wine cellar and seafront putting green; spa, gym and nine-car garage among them—they’re assembled in a floorplan that qualifies as a resort yet feels boutique.

The near-constant influx of nature, from gardens or ocean, does much to warm the atmosphere. The villa’s number of fresh-air patios and nooks seem endless, as are the opportunities to bask in the coastal air. Notable is the property’s central deck, a sprawling courtyard where native shrubs and sand-hued stone tiles are joined by an infinity pool that appears to blend in with the ocean.

There’s a variety of spots to soak up the environment—from the cozy fireplace lounge to the outdoor barbecue kitchen—and few barriers to the indoors. This is due to a generous use of sliding glass that connect the villa’s luxurious inside world to its inspiring outdoor one. “Because the views are such a dominant feature,” Megan Neel says of the design, “if you’re not looking at the ocean, you’re looking at lush green.” 

One can enjoy the villa in an unconstrained way too, whether indoors or outside. “You have a lot of privacy,” Megan Neel shares, “so you can enjoy the setting without feeling you’re in a fishbowl.”

The master suite—a sumptuous place the size of a roomy apartment that one enters by walking over a glass bridge with a koi pond beneath—is nearly surrounded with views. Fling open its glass doors and walls, and the room feels gloriously open; connected to the coastline. While there are window coverings for privacy, they’ve never been put to use for that purpose due to the home’s strategic layout. It’s an important and liberating feature that’s enhanced by a comprehensive security set-up that includes the ability to zoom in on all corners of the home’s exterior, even the beachfront below.

“It was designed very thoughtfully for maximizing security and privacy,” says Megan Neel of the home. 

Perched on a quiet corner of the property, shrouded by old-growth trees, one has a birds-eye view of the always-changing views of the sea below: Near the shore there are tide pools brimming with marine life; swimming through the waves there might be dolphins or, depending on the season, migrating whales.

“It is the quintessential coastal home in Palos Verdes Estates,” states Megan Neel. A retreat steeped in a classic mode of luxury that manages, by its smart design, to fully embrace the glory of its rare natural setting.

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List Price: $22,995,000

Photographs by Paul Jonason

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