Essence of a Glamorous Life in Celebrity-Heavy Malibu

Take a moment to meditate on the ideal Southern California home and a picture of it will likely emerge in Malibu. The enclave is celebrated for its intimate, small-town feel, relaxed luxury that characterizes life in Los Angeles, and the culture and attractions to which it is close.

This sprawling compound in celebrity-heavy Malibu exudes the essence of a glamorous life, with a backdrop for elite entertaining and the luxury of a quiet, restful retreat.

Take a moment to meditate on the ideal Southern California home and a picture of it will likely emerge in Malibu. The enclave is celebrated for its intimate, small-town feel, relaxed luxury that characterizes life in Los Angeles, and the culture and attractions to which it is close. Calming ocean and coastline views glimpsed through wide expanses of glass are a must. Sprawling acreage offering security and privacy, an increasingly precious commodity in today’s frantic, well-documented world, is also a necessity.

Easy access to a small airport for private aircraft to foster clandestine getaways is, perhaps, obvious. And what of a long, winding driveway and an elegant porte-cochere, along with a glistening pool, and a dramatic winding stairway that turns a walk into a waltz down the red carpet? A house of this description, one that amplifies all every possible dream, might exist only as aspiration were it not already established at 5941 Philip Avenue.

This home is no ingénue, but rather a full fledged star, a profile only emphasized by its role in film and television fare from Ray Donovan and CSI: Los Angeles to Blow, Like Mike, She’s All That and The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Like the work of the late Italian fashion designer and his equally talented sister Donatella, this house doesn’t hide its laurels.

It exalts them, confidently showcasing dramatic views, close to 3.5 acres, and a majestic open plan living room. Such silver-screen attributes mandate that any owner of this home brush up on their entertaining skills, as elegant soirées hosted here are supported by soaring 20-feet ceilings and expansive skylights that flood the airy interior with light while framing an impeccable view of the ocean.

Perched just above the Pacific Coast Highway, the home overlooks legendary Zuma Beach, known for its wide expanses of sand, vibrant surf and clean water. When an occasion at this home finds the crowd lingering well until evening, there will be drama, with the sunsets on show enough to rival the entertainment at the grandest party imaginable. Perhaps that is July 4th, when fireworks set off from a barge off Broad Beach make for the ultimate save the date.

But even in this unparalleled setting, life is not all cocktail parties, barbecues and black-tie galas. Quiet days and nights here are ones to be shared with family and close friends, or enjoyed solo, rejuvenating the spirit in a way that others find hard to fathom. There’s no need to head to a spa or a meditation retreat: the amenities here hold court with that of any luxury resort along the California coast. And while certainly a sprawling architectural wonder of glass and concrete, the home’s balance of large and small spaces respond to both the quiet rhythms and more raucous moments of life.

Most days will unfold against the backdrop of the intimate top floor, beginning with daylight that streams through windows left open and gently nudges one awake. The open-plan bathroom, wrapped in glass, and the sprawling closet just behind the bedroom mean that one’s morning routine is accompanied by birdsong.

Carefully positioned to work with nature, the home captures breathtaking views: sunrise from the mountain side of the house, sunset from the ocean side. It also pays mind to practical considerations, such as bringing produce grown on the property or groceries—likely picked up from nearby Trancas Market’s Vintage Grocers—into the kitchen via a sliding side door. The large dining room with seating for 14 has in its realm mirrors positioned so that all guests can enjoy the theatrics of the setting sun.

The exterior scene at which one marvels from inside the house rouses thoughts of a morning ritual. The 70-foot-long pool is positively disposed for lap swimming, while afterward a Jacuzzi waits for one’s relaxation and recovery. Room for a gym is neatly tucked under the home’s dramatic central staircase, and behind the indoor garden.

Its square footage easily accommodates a handful of workout machines, and one is wise to consider adding a steam room or an infrared sauna. (There’s also an elevator shaft, ready for the installation of a lift.) And with the beach less than 10 minutes by golf cart, riding the waves is always an option.

Expect visitors to clamor for an overnight in the guest quarters, located over the garage. One of the more appealing perks of owning an expansive home is the ability to proffer invitations to friends and family to visit for extended periods and enjoy the anonymity of their own space. Conversely, these rooms can be partnered with the adjacent office suite and converted into a music studio or editing bay.

In summary of these attributes and all others, the homeowners share: “This property’s privacy, proximity to the sand, as well as its grand showcase of coastline, white water and ocean views are in part what make it an entertainer’s dream home. The downstairs great room, which opens onto the pool, can hold over 200 guests, stunning them with amazing vistas of the coastline and a view of Santa Cruz Island. It’s truly one of most impressive estates in celebrity-laden Malibu Park, easily surpassing its neighbors.” And yet it’s also ideal for raising a family. While children enjoy the freedom afforded by the vast acreage, parents have the benefit of supervision via the home’s impressive sight lines and glass walls.

Some people fantasize about living on an island. But at the behest of this home, one comes to understand John Donne’s words of wisdom: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” Public and private, introverted and extroverted, or a consummate entertainer with the tendencies of a homebody, this home satisfies the complexity of modern living that fluctuates between place, persona, and profile—a most high profile, indeed.

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