City Guide: The Slice

A Great Local Pizzeria You’ve Never Heard Of

The Slice brings classic New York-style fare to the South Bay with a smile.

Written by Constance Dunn
Illustration by Jay Brockman

This one’s worth adding to your mental food files, particularly if you’re cruising down Pacific Coast Highway near Redondo Beach and it hits: that craving for a warm, gooey slice of pizza, with cheese melted against hearty baked dough and peppered with tangy tomato sauce.

East Coast native Wayne cheerfully cooks up quick slices and custom pies, along with monster-sized subs and much-praised Buffalo Wings at his small shop on Torrance Boulevard, just a tiptoe east of Pacific Coast Highway and three minutes by car from the beach.

Tip: If you like your wings blazing hot, order them “Suicide” level. And lovers of classic, chewy mushrooms can rejoice; they’re the only kind served at The Slice.

The Slice
610 Torrance Boulevard
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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