Woman of the House

Actress and aesthete Diane Keaton shares her “Dream Home”—and the inspirations behind it—in a ravishing new tome

Whether introducing a new sartorial insouciance through her character’s much-loved wardrobe in Annie Hall, writing memoirs filled with remembrance and ephemera, or restoring home after home, Diane Keaton is a one-of-a-kind style icon with a celebrated artistic sense, a woman so at home with herself that “home” is the subject of a her new book, The House That Pinterest Built (Rizzoli).

Fireplace in Diane Keaton home, for the book The House that Pintrerest Built

Drawing inspiration from an artsy-cool assemblage of pins and palette that she collected via the wondrous digital universe of Pinterest, Keaton set about designing her “Dream Home,” which occupies canyon land on the peripheries of Brentwood. And thank heavens. Because Keaton, a compulsive pinner with an unerring eye and a passion for preservation, architecture and design, outdid even herself with this outrageously beautiful build—her first foray into ground-up construction that proves her equally adept at creating a rich, nuanced character in a home as well as onscreen.

Filled with photos of both Keaton’s abode and the references that inspired its spaces, The House That Pinterest Built is, like its author, delightfully unpredictable—a how-to, a style resource, a visual treasure, but always a glorious treatment, full of fantasy, image and, mostly, a good deal of solid design. As study in Keaton’s sensitive and informed aesthetic, her house is a repetitious tapestry of textures, line, material and décor. Underscoring it all is how Keaton has come to define the meaning of home for herself.

Dexter’s seating area in Diane Keaton home, for the book The House that Pintrerest Built

Library in Home of Diane Keaton for the book The House That Pinterest Built.


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