Vista Sotheby’s International Realty Merges with South Bay Brokers

vista sotheby's, Vista Sotheby’s International Realty, Chris Adlam, Kitty Edler, Jim Van Zanten, Rick Edler, Gerard Bisignano, Darin DeRenzis, edler derenzis
Vista Sotheby’s International Realty’s Chris Adlam, Kitty Edler, Jim Van Zanten, Rick Edler, Gerard Bisignano, and Darin DeRenzis
The landmark merger between real-estate powerhouses South Bay Brokers and Vista Sotheby’s International Realty signals a new wave for South Bay real estate. Now operating under Vista Sotheby’s International Realty, Gerard Bisignano—partner, along with Jim Van Zanten, Rick Edler, Kitty Edler, and Chris Adlam—on the brand’s headline-making move.

Now operating under Vista Sotheby’s International Realty, the newly formed alliance is planting a formidable flag with a mutual commitment to the bedrock principles that propelled each individual business to the highest form of enterprise.

What was the impetus for Vista Sotheby’s International Realty and South Bay Brokers to join forces now?

To be able to compete in the ever-changing world of real estate and to meet the demands of the sophisticated demographic we work within, South Bay Brokers really represented the best game in town. We felt merging this great local company—South Bay Brokers—with its legacy and the amazing tools that they offer to their agents, along with the provenance and branding and the worldwide reach of Sotheby’s, was a real natural marriage of two great companies.

The union is certainly fortifying for both firms.

There isn’t going to be a whole lot of change, except for the name and all the tools that Sotheby’s offers for international outreach to buyers around the world.

How do the strengths of each firm complement the way the other does business—what are the shared ideals that make the partnership an asset for agents and clients alike?

We were always friendly competitors that had a high degree of respect for one other. South Bay Brokers had a tremendous presence in the Beach Cities, with some presence in Palos Verdes. Sotheby’s had a tremendous presence in Palos Verdes, with some presence at the beach. So blending to create a company that’ll do over a billion dollars a year in sales, with a tremendous reach from the Beach Cities all the way into Palos Verdes, is extremely exciting. It will offer buyers and sellers an unsurpassed choice in professionalism and international exposure.

As Jim Van Zanten—Vista Sotheby’s co-CEO—emphasizes, integrity is always number-one. Working hard and best for our clients, and then offering and creating a family environment for our agents to thrive.

So what is the collective vision for Vista Sotheby’s?

To simply offer the best marketing, with the most professional agents, anywhere in L.A. County.

What does the merger mean for South Bay real estate as a whole?

It means that buyers and sellers have the opportunity to now work with a company that is unparalleled in the international luxury market with amazing exposure and reach for our buyers and sellers in order to offer them the best services possible.

In what ways is the alliance an advantage in the South Bay market, where properties are both illustrious and limited?

Our reach is unparalleled; our sellers’ properties will be exposed to China, Europe, all parts of European continent, and all parts of Asia, in a manner that no other company could offer.

We’re seeing a great deal of foreign money coming into this market—and that they look online first. Sotheby’s will be exposed to these potential buyers in a way that no other company can compete with.

How will the merger reinvigorate the way business is conducted—what will change, and what never will?

There will be one company that has an unsurpassed, powerful presence in our coastal luxury market with approximately six offices—so that’s what changes. It’s a game changer in our industry. What won’t change is our utmost desire for integrity and professionalism, and to offer agents a family environment where they can thrive.

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