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Real Estate Market Influencer: Greg Geilman

Greg Geilman

Managing Director & Co-Founder, The DOMO Group

Geilman’s firm, founded with veteran local agent Rob Freedman, has been a South Bay real estate force since the pair partnered in 2015. Starting out as the Freedman Geilman Group, the two switched names to The DOMO Group as a nod to the Japanese word for “thanks.” Also embedded in that concept is, for Geilman, a focus on gratitude, humility and satisfaction.

“Many years ago I had a near-death experience and it changed everything,” says Greg Geilman. “As a result, I deal with people in a way that is different.”

This includes a real estate approach that veers from convention and results in consistent success. “High-powered sales organizations are very focused on making their numbers,” he explains. “We’re less focused on making our numbers and more focused on making happy customers.” The idea: Concentrate on people and the numbers will take care of themselves.


The DOMO GIVES initiative was established in 2017 to help people in the South Bay with one-time, urgent needs


Nearly 200 five-star client reviews across Yelp and Zillow


His firm has been The Official South Bay Realtors for the Los Angeles Kings since 2014

“I take my clients happiness very personally and very seriously,” he says. Not just clients, but those at his firm too; a close-knit, locally focused office where there’s a Director of Client Happiness on staff. “We have plans to grow,” says Geilman, “but it’s a very concerted, cautious growth. We’re very protective of our culture.”

Those who lead with calls for service and positivity, and personally practice it, are often those individuals who’ve been on the frontlines of adversity. For Geilman it was an early chapter of life dimmed by substance abuse—one that resulted in his near-death brush—that ultimately forged a meaningful rebirth, for which he remains grateful.

Scenes from a DOMO listing at 713 35th Street in Manhattan Beach.

“There have been times in my life where I had nothing to live for,” recalls Geilman. “No focus, nothing driving me.” The Woodland Hills native would later move to Redondo Beach (“I met a girl,” he says of the woman who would become his wife), then into a real estate career, where he turned his highly attuned listening and understanding skills into gold for clients.

713 35th Street in Manhattan Beach

Geilman’s touch is twined with a knack for applying technology to real estate, and in early adopter fashion. Among DOMO’s strategies has been the acquisition of local sites, including, and their latest,

“People are not really looking for a real estate agent, they’re looking for a solution to their life problem.”

“I’ve been known to have a domain-name buying addiction,” Geilman says with a chuckle, before discussing the hyper-local nature of real estate, and the value of having sites dedicated to individual Beach Cities neighborhoods.

The DOMO Group, with Rob Freedman (Center Left) and Greg Geilman (Center Right)

The two agents, Freedman and Geilman, make for an apt match due to differing sets of experience that interlock nicely—Freedman with decades under his belt and Geilman with a tech mindset and novel approach to building organizations.

“We complement each other really nicely,” says Geilman. “Rob is a super-negotiator and one of the most creative problem solvers I have ever met. I bring a steady and systematic, technology-based approach to our business.” When combined, the two yield value much greater than the sum of their parts.

Then there’s their shared philosophy. “My father told me a long time ago that you don’t have to screw anybody to get ahead,” says Freedman in the opening shot of the firm’s video. Geilman then offers another: “People aren’t really looking for a real estate agent, they’re looking for a solution to their life problem.” Therein lies the DOMO, which is to say, Geilman approach: Be nice, and at the end of the day it’s not completely about real estate.

Greg Geilman

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