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Ad Sanitizer

Applying the 80/20 Rule works for just about everything in life. But in the marketing and advertising biz, it’s probably closer to 95/5. That is

Dogme 95

It’s exactly what the marketing world needs today, a movement to eliminate and ban shiny new toy marketing and the buzzards who preach it. We’ll

Business Jargon Generator

It’s the start of a new year my fine marketing muse friends, what do you say that we ease our way into our 2022 journey

2022 Marketing Resolutions

All right, kids, it’s a new year, and time for some new marketing resolutions. The funny thing about resolutions, most don’t stick around long enough

How Do I Use This?

In a world where “everyone’s selling something,” I’m thinking we need to change the paradigm of selling entirely. But selling just ain’t the same as

863 Bungalow Drive, El Segundo is a Sparkling Gem

Designed to accommodate a busy family, its well-appointed backyard would encourage year-round outdoor entertaining. 863 Bungalow in El Segundo turns this dream into a reality.

Share of Voice

Marketers love metrics and marketing speak. Share of voice (SOV) is an oldie but goodie. The share of voice metric was created to measure and

The Sorry State of Sameness

I read an interesting marketing case study article recently (yes, that’s how I spend a lot of my spare time) and was enlightened by the

Marketing Instruments

I still remember the day – the day that I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, it was back in