Strand Real Estate | Strand Homes in Manhattan Beach + Hermosa Beach

See all Strand homes for sale in the Sand Sections of Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. These waterfront homes get best ocean views and top $$$.

The Strand—a highly desirable stretch of coastal lands from Hermosa Beach (1st Street) to Manhattan Beach (45th Street) showcasing spectacular beachfront homes ranging from contemporary mansions to historic bungalows, priced from $6 million to $25 million (depending on location and condition).

Strand Homes For Sale

Manhattan Beach • Hermosa Beach
AddressBedBathList Price$/SqFtDOM
1000 The Strand98$25,900M$4,341363
2722 The Strand89$22,750M$3,77684
3400 The Strand56$15,900M$2,903196
2016 The Strand56$14,000M$2,439168
4122 The Strand55$6,700M$1,613268
4117 The Strand53$5,999M$2,139268
3001 The Strand66$16,900M$2,99587
2426 The Strand55$15,295M$4,025263
212 The Strand56$9,999,999$2,27154
2330 The Strand44$9,999,999$3,00427
Last Updated on February 24, 2020

The Strand Homes That Sold in 2019

Manhattan Beach • Hermosa Beach
AddressBedBathList $Close $$/SqFtDOML/S Ratio
816 The Strand 65$12,850M$11,775M$4,195132-8.37%
2120 The Strand 57$9,950M$9,200M$2,515181-7.54%
3212 The Strand 34$8,999M$8,525M$3,69585-5.27%
60 The Strand 45$7,999M$7,675M$2,147149-4.05%
718 The Strand 34$6,995M$6,363M$2,065104-9.04%
44 The Strand 53$6,495M$5,600M$2,417147-13.78%
3904 The Strand 44$3,150M$3,270M$1,55393.81%
*All property data taken from CRMLS residential homes for sale for areas: Manhattan Beach, Sand Section, Hermosa Beach, Sand Section – as of 2.24.20. Information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.
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