Real Estate Insider: Matt Pernice, NW Real Estate Brokers

Manhattan Beach realtor Matt Pernice represents buyers and sellers of South Bay homes and apartment buildings. South Bay DIGS chats with this water-loving family man about the local market, its rising residential real estate prices and his favorite outdoor activities.



South Bay DIGS: What inspired you to get into real estate?

Matt Pernice: While going to college to get my biology degree, I owned a personal training company to pay my way. One of my best clients was a tenant representative for a national commercial brokerage firm. He convinced me to get my license to augment my income in order to pay for college.

SBD: How do you utilize your finance background in your real estate career?

MP: I’ve always excelled in mathematics. I guess it’s just in my blood; my family is filled with mathematicians. I tend to use these skills on the fly to help educate clients in the moment. A large portion of my business is commercial apartment sales. The ability to combine my people skills—selling luxury residential homes at the beach—and my business skills—selling commercial apartment sales—makes for a very balanced work environment that is challenging, but very rewarding.

SBD: What other aspects of your background give you an edge in real estate?

MP: I’ve always been a people pleaser. I’ll do everything and anything to make sure the client is happy. Going the extra mile for my client before, during and after the transactions is what separates me from other agents. I’m not the type of agent with two or three assistants. I want to interact with my clients every step of the way to ensure they are pleased with the outcome. I enjoy the day-to-day ups and downs of a transaction.

SBD: What factors are currently influencing local residential real estate?

MP: The finance answer: the contraction of interest rates and inventory, as well as rising prices, are the key factors influencing our local marketplace. The personal-interest answer: we live in a prime vacation environment. There is a lifestyle in the South Bay that cannot be surpassed anywhere in the country. Local actions, such as keeping businesses local, supporting longtime South Bay business owners, beautification actions and public safety, are key factors in residential real estate.

SBD: You’ve been in real estate for over a decade. Any local trends during that time that have surprised you?

MP: The appreciation over the last two years has been unbelievable. I’m more of a conservative, but it’s hard to argue the price trend. Just when you think you’ve seen the highest sale, the next will surpass it.

SBD: Clients mention your negotiating skills. Can you talk more about that?

MP: I don’t think of myself as a negotiator, I think of myself as a mediator in a process where the goal is to get the most appropriate, fair deal for both parties. When we are in the middle of negotiations, I barely rest until I know my clients have the deal they deserve.

SBD: You’re part of NW Real Estate Brokers in Manhattan Beach. What makes this firm different than others in the area?

MP: Joining NW Real Estate Brokers in 2010 was a no-brainer. This group of agents has an unbelievable amount of knowledge about the local market, and there’s always someone around to collaborate with. While the business environment is very relaxed, our business tactics are fearless and aggressive. Our broker, John Chuka, is always there, anytime we need something.

SBD: What do you like to do when you’re not doing real estate? What are some of your favorite places to hang out locally?

MP: My son, Ocean Eddie, and family are my number one priority. You’ll find us almost every weekend playing on the local beach, in the water SUP [standup paddleboarding] surfing, or scootering around on the strand. If you see two man-buns flying by on scooters along The Strand, it’s probably us. I’m a bit of a homebody so I enjoy a good movie at home any day over going out.

I try to get two forms of activity in per day. Whether it’s swimming in the currents, SUP surfing the break, running on the Strand, yoga at one of our local studios or going to the gym. If it gets the heart pumping, the sweat pouring and offers a mental break—I’m in! The South Bay is the perfect environment for my family to work and play. We feel blessed every day that we get to live in such a beautiful area of SoCal, and couldn’t be any happier than we are today.

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