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Prevailing Opinions

You know what they say about opinions right? 

But, what about “prevailing opinions?”

For marketers, they’re the path of least resistance as everyone is caught up in the momentum of the moment. 

It’s easier to follow the herd and do what everyone else is doing – it feels safe.

In reality, it’s the exact opposite.

As Warren Buffett has so perfectly stated,

 “Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is.  The time to get interested is when no one else is.  You can’t buy what is popular and do well.”

 When marketers are all doing the same thing, using the same tactics and distribution channels for their messaging, the overall impact and effectiveness is diluted for everyone.  The more a marketing opinion prevails, the faster it becomes a commodity.

Real estate agents – are you looking for a breakthrough in your business?

 Don’t sheepishly follow prevailing opinions – the real opportunities may lie elsewhere.

There are no seasons in the marketing world.

The prevailing opinion in real estate is that the market slows down during the holidays, so real estate agents slow down, too.

They stop marketing, being visible, and coast into the new year.

But, top-performing agents do the exact opposite – they zag when everyone else zigs, and capitalize immensely as a result.

It happens with home sellers during this time of year, as well – a bad time to sell, right?


Typically, you’ll find fewer homes on the market (less competition), and thus more buyer demand.  Think about it, buyers who were looking in the summer/fall and still haven’t found their home don’t just stop looking until the coming spring.

I would say their purchase intent and desire to close reach an apex during this time of year – they want to settle into their new homes by the new year.

An agent once told me something to the effect “the market completely shuts down from mid-November through the holidays, and officially doesn’t start up again until after the Super Bowl.”

Do you sense a marketing opportunity here?

Marketing rust.

Marketers should pay heed to Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of motion and pay particular attention to the First Law, which is often stated as,

 An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Said differently, marketing never sleeps.

The holy grail in marketing is to have “mind share” in the consumer’s mind and be sought versus being found.  But, to do this your brand and marketing must be in constant motion.

Be patient.

As they say in the horse racing industry, “pace makes the race.” 

 The speed horses who push the pace too fast will burn out allowing the trailing horses to pass them at the finish line.  And, if the pace is too slow and the speed horses are allowed to conserve energy, they won’t be caught down the stretch.

Just like music, marketing has rhythm and pace.

And great marketing will make consumers dance.

Remembering Ray Kappe.

Back in 2013, Ray Kappe’s personal residence in Pacific Palisades was our cover home and feature article in our year ending Architect | Design | Build special edition.

I had the opportunity to meet Ray and spend half a day at his home chatting about architecture, and it was one of the most special and rememberable moments of my life.

Ray was a true architectural visionary – a rare treasure of a man who pushed the boundaries of what’s possible – that dreams can come to life.

Ray’s home was one such dream.

We hope you enjoy our celebration of architecture and design in this special edition, and may all of your real estate dreams come true in 2020.

Until next time,

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Warren Dow
Publisher / CEO

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