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DIGS talked with the founder and CEO of L.A.-based Genton Property Group ( to discover more about this high-profile project, what prompted his real estate direction, and other developments.

Who is Jonathan Genton?

Real estate developer Jonathan Genton has worked on large-scale master communities throughout California and Hawaii. Most recently, he’s joined with a management team from the Four Seasons Private Residences, global architecture firm Callison RTKL and Webcor Builders on the rise of the Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles, a 12-story luxury condo development set to begin welcoming residents in mid-2019.

How did you decide on a career in real estate development?

Jonathan Genton: Growing up in L.A., I was always fascinated by architecture and planning. At the time, I didn’t understand what a developer was, so I was naturally drawn to the architecture, urban-planning and finance aspects of real estate. I pursued these disciplines while at UCLA and saw them all come together in development. I haven’t looked back since.

What does it take to bring a property such as the Four Seasons Private Residences to market for the first time?

Jonathan Genton: This is a world-class property surrounded by the low-profile neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and the fashionable North Robertson District, where the views are nothing short of spectacular. Bringing a property of this caliber to market for the first time takes an enormous amount of patience and dedication. To have a vision with a team and partners for this type of development is of utmost importance, and it takes intent, focus and passion to pull off this sort of project. Every day is a surreal moment for our team—seeing our vision come to life.

What’s significant about the development?

Jonathan Genton: The coveted, 12-story tower comprises 59 custom for-sale homes crafted by the world’s most iconic hospitality brand. Offering dramatic views of Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills, exclusive amenities include a sensual pool, spa and chic lounge, a sprawling indoor-outdoor fitness center, a spacious IMAX private theater, and a screening room, and dining experiences by Four Seasons. A penthouse sits at the very top, taking up the entire top floor and top roof terrace. This property is extremely private and rare for a location like this in L.A.

You talk about setting a new standard for luxury living in Southern California. What does that look like to you?

Jonathan Genton: Providing a service-rich environment in a dedicated residential tower. The Four Seasons Private Residences brings the best-in-class brand to curate the daily art of living by creating a private enclave where services are catered to the individual without sharing services or amenities with a public-facing commercial property.

What makes for the perfect residential condo space?

Jonathan Genton: A private and service-rich environment that takes advantage of light, air and space in the simplest of forms.

Describe your dream residential project.

Jonathan Genton: The Four Seasons Private Residences is my ship in a bottle. This development takes everything—from my earliest memories of seeing beautiful architecture, to what I’ve learned throughout my career—and puts them together, ultimately creating this masterpiece.

What was your first residential development and what made it successful?

Jonathan Genton: Years ago in Westlake Village, I was the development manager on Lake Sherwood and was exposed to a variety of buyers who, in the end, sought an experience and a special place. Throughout my career I have tried my best to accomplish the same sought-out-feeling, only now I do it from an urban context.

Jonathan Genton: I think L.A.’s luxury marketplace will see a greater adoption of condominiums in general. Living in vertical buildings is not what L.A. is known for, but we will see a trend and then a wave of vertical living experiences across all levels. I think the expectation for taller, more elegant and distinctive buildings is coming too.

If you weren’t working as a developer, what would you like to be doing?

Jonathan Genton: I am a builder at heart and have always been fascinated by functional and mechanical design. So, something in industrial design would probably be my next industry of choice.

What is forthcoming for you and GPG?

Jonathan Genton: fter the Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles project, my team and I will be exploring the opportunity to create housing for everyone. We’ll be taking the experiences of the luxury product and applying its essence to all projects across the demand spectrum.

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Photography / Renderings courtesy of Callison RTKL. Portrait Courtesy of Genton Property Group

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