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Ed Kaminsky of the Kaminsky Real Estate Group
For success to be sustained, it must always evolve. At Kaminsky Real Estate Group, the agent’s longtime base camp, there’s been a beefing up of marketing staff. “It’s to better serve our seller clients,” Kaminsky says, “but it dovetails into taking care of our buyer clients. It will snowball into really great things for both sides.”
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The Hustle is Real with Ed Kaminsky

Ask Ed Kaminsky what’s exciting these days, and it’s expansion. “We’re fine-tuning what we’re doing for our clients,” says Kaminsky from his firm’s new office, a sunny spot along Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach.

The change in location is just one of several moves for the entrepreneur, who entered South Bay real estate in the 1980s after moving from Ohio and leaving behind a career as a jeweler.


Kaminsky has been a real estate agent since 1987


SportStar Relocation, Conserve Development and Premiere Estates Auction Company are among Ed Kaminsky’s business ventures


He is a top-producing agent at Strand Hill, Christie’s International Real Estate

Things have changed mightily in the South Bay since the days when a three-line ad placed in the Daily Breeze could get an agent’s phone ringing.

“To stay ahead of the curve you have to have the right people in place,” Kaminsky explains. “People who understand technology, and know-how to get into the eyeballs of our client base.”

Ears too. Ed Kaminsky’s podcast, The EdZone, has expanded with him interviewing local real estate experts in key U.S. and Canadian markets. The goal is to tap into vital details of these communities, everything from schools and the social scene too, of course, real estate. It’s available to all but began as a value-add for Kaminsky’s clients at SportStar Relocation, a concierge moving company for professional athletes he founded.

A community that Ed Kaminsky’s been intensely focused on of late is just a short drive from his new office. “People think of me as the beach agent,” he points out. “But we’re really making headway on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.” It’s an area currently abuzz among Beach Cities’ residents for its value and quality of life.

“A lot of our Beach clients are moving up there now,” he explains. “So we’re really serving the Hill in a wholly different manner, and are able to identify buyers who see it as a value as opposed to the beach, which looks so darn expensive.”

For Ed Kaminsky, at the fountainhead of all his ventures is information—what he knows and how it can help others.

“I’m a constant sponge of information,” he says. “You have to be. The only reason clients come to you anymore is because of your inside knowledge of certain things that you can’t find on the Internet. If you’re not staying ahead of the game with information, you’re going to die in this business.”

To that end, he’s been venturing into specialized areas of real estate consulting. His first sector: the medical community. Here, Kaminsky acts as a guru for doctors and such, taking them through buying first homes as interns, to then advising on how to channel earned income (highly taxable, he notes) into real estate investments.

“The purpose,” Ed Kaminsky says, “is to allow them to advance their success and create wealth outside of their practice.”

Finding opportunities to capitalize on, problems to solve are part of Kaminsky’s DNA. A voracious reader who works long days for the sheer love of it, he’s keen to the power of keeping a disciplined mind that clings to positivity.

“If I get caught up in all that negativity, cloudiness or grayness,” he says, “it doesn’t improve my ability to do what I need to do for my clients.”

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