From Espresso to Vino

A pleasant patio and cozy bar space combine to serve primo Italian indulgences at the Four Seasons’ new Vinoteca wine bar and cafe’ concept

Written by Virginia Fay | Photography Courtesy of Vinoteca

In a city where the drive to succeed is in the very air we breathe, discovering the perfect

place to relax after a day of hard work is near nirvana. The Four Seasons’ new Vinoteca

takes this ideal one step further—before it turns into a cozy wine bar for evening

enjoyment, it offers a daytime #PowerPatio where the workday is infused with the feel

of an Italian getaway rather than an office grind.

Adjacent to the resort’s Culina restaurant, Vinoteca serves as an espresso bar by day, one equipped with a multi-tiered cold brew coffee maker and eight-hour drip, and a cold brew coffee maker with roasts sourced from Caffé Umbria, run by a multi-generational Italian family based in Seattle. “We designed Vinoteca to be a tranquil space for the growing population of Angelenos who elect to work from home,” explains General Manager Michael Newcombe. To this end, the #PowerPatio features charging stations and USB ports to facilitate setting up a space to “spend the workday in luxury.” 

Having just opened this past fall, Vinoteca has already become a buzzing wine bar at night—helped in no small part by Wine Director Luca Bruno. Bruno has painstakingly sourced a wine list with both Italian and Californian vintages, especially those featuring Italian grape varietals. His selections are partly informed by his time spent living and working in Napa Valley. “I discovered a selection of Italian grapes being grown and harvested in California soil, and it has been a joy to explore the comparable and contrasting flavors of grapes cultivated in two vastly distinct regions,” he says.

Bringing this expertise and passion for two of the world’s greatest wine regions to Vinoteca, the wine list is ever-evolving. “We want our guests to have the opportunity to experience new and rare flavor profiles with every visit,” Bruno explains. To aid in sampling multiple vintages, the bar offers tasting flights, which guests can customize or have the staff create. The most popular, Bruno says, are those that place the same grape varieties from Italy and California side-by-side for comparison.

Rounding out the collection of Italy’s greatest exports, the café also touches on the culinary offerings of the country from which it draws inspiration. To helm this area, Chef Mirko Paderno has just been hired. Hailing from Milan, Paderno has worked in revered restaurants in both Italy and L.A., and will bring this experience to both Vinoteca and Culina menus beginning mid-January. Whether working in the leafy #PowerPatio or ensconced in the cozy bar, accented by natural wood, brass details and wide windows offering patio views, spending time at Vinoteca feels like an office-cum-home-away-from-home in the best way—that rare spot equally suited to achievement and entertainment.




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