Cindy Ambuehl Founder of the Cindy Ambuehl Group

It’s been an impressive run of growth for Cindy Ambuehl's group, which the Los Angeles super-agent launched two years ago after over a decade of building her A-list real estate name as a sole agent.



Embracing Changes in Real Estate, and Weaving Her Next Chapter of Success With a Growing Team

This year has been a good one for Cindy Ambuehl and her real estate team at Compass.

“Our best year to date has been 2021,” says the agent. “It’s been our most prosperous.”

Much of this is the result of last year, which prompted many people to re-examine their lives and make the kind of big life changes that include real estate.

“It’s been a lot of work,” says Cindy Ambuehl, whose team has closed $200 million in sales so far this year.

“But we’ve been enjoying every single minute of it because we feel like we’re truly helping people.”

Prior to that, Cindy Ambuehl was a successful model and actress with turns in popular shows like JAG, Seinfeld, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Always the pragmatist, her show business profits were channeled into real estate instead of glittery splurges. Property turned out to be a good choice—a solid investment that also introduced her to her next big career move.

Ambuehl is part of Variety’s Showbiz Real Estate Elite 2021

Cindy Ambuehl ranks among the top 1% of all Compass agents

Their first year, Cindy Ambuehl Group landed in the 27th spot (out of 65) on REAL Trends “2020 Small Teams by Volume”

“I sell California real estate because I believe in it,” states Cindy Ambuehl.

“It never lets you down. Even if it slows down, it always comes back.”

Working in the realm of such a reliable asset category appeals to Cindy Ambuehl, whose middle-class upbringing in Orange County formed in her an early and lasting streak of unassuming pragmatism: “I feel wonderful that I can help a family or individual build a nice nest egg,” she says of her work.

To that end, Cindy Ambuehl Group has blossomed in the last year to include more staff focused on marketing and advertising, digital, luxury branding, and more—all oriented by a strong culture created by the lady herself.

“We’re growing and we support each other,” says Cindy Ambuehl. “It’s a collaborative atmosphere.”

The role of a mentor is one that automatically comes with the territory of team leader, but for Cindy Ambuehl, mother of seven children with actor husband Don Diamont, it’s a natural and instinctive fit.

“My team knows I’m here to support them to be the best they can be,” Cindy Ambuehl says, “and to have a voice.”

Having a voice is needed more than ever in her niche of real estate, where increasingly bigger sales have come with additional layers of client management. (The result, Cindy Ambuehl explains, of a trend where buyers are combining workspaces within new homes, resulting in higher-priced residences.)

“We’re dealing with really big numbers,” she points out, “and clients naturally want everything to be perfect.”

To get there, she trains her team to work like her and to relate to clients in the same manner that has kept her in the top rungs of the industry for nearly 15 years.

“The best communicators are those who listen,” Cindy Ambuehl explains. “We need our clients to trust that we always have their best interests at heart. We’re like dogs with a bone, and we’re tenacious.”

At 401 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, there are five luxury residences that her group is currently selling. In a typical flourish, part of marketing them included a recent party with an exclusive guest list. There was sushi, music, and bars galore, and the standing-room-only gathering buzzed on until late in the night.

“Every year has to be better than the last, and I always have to challenge myself,” says the agent, adding with a chuckle: “I couldn’t raise two boys: I had to raise seven. If I’m going to do something, I’m all in. One hundred percent.”

Cindy Ambuehl Group

Photographs Courtesy of Cindy Ambuehl Group


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