Casa Cody: The Oldest Operating Hotel in Palm Springs

There is nothing like staying in a historic property that makes you wonder if walls could talk. Casa Cody is one of these properties. Ideally situated in the center of Palm Springs, Casa Cody is a true oasis

The Oldest Operating Hotel in Palm Springs Recently Reopened Its Doors After a Significant Restoration Led by Venice Beach-based Design and Architecture Studio Electric Bowery

The boutique hotel was founded in the 1920s when Hollywood pioneer Harriet Cody—the cousin of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody—arrived in Palm Springs by wagon with her architect husband Harold Bryant Cody.

The couple decided to build a home on a 1.5-acre piece of land with views of the San Jacinto Mountains, which soon became the favorite hotel of renowned creatives such as English actor, filmmaker, and composer Charlie Chaplin; American opera singer Lawrence Tibbett; and French-born novelist Anaïs Nin.

For years, these celebrities used to spend time in Casa Cody, especially in the two-bedroom, one-bathroom Adobe House where a stage was built and Lawrence Tibbett’s piano was kept below for performances and parties. 

With a total of 30 rooms—many of which have a kitchenette or a full kitchen, a private patio, and a fireplace—surrounded by courtyards and lawns with bougainvillea, native plantings, and fruit trees, the hotel comprises standard studios and suites, as well as three other freestanding homes (in addition to Adobe House): the one-bedroom Harriet’s Cottage; the spacious Winter’s House bungalow (a California Ranch House); and the Olympic Cottage, which housed athletes during the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles

Led by the team behind design and architecture studio Electric Bowery, the makeover’s objective was to celebrate the rich past and legacy of Casa Cody—which is a designated Class 1 historic site by the Palm Springs City Council. 

“With warm coral velvet, textured blue-green accents, and Otomi-patterned pillows, the rooms are imbued with depth to enliven the existing plaster interior,” says Cayley Lambur and Lucia Bartholomew, managing partners at Electric Bowery.

“Each room features richly colored zellige tile and deep blue millwork in the bathrooms and bar areas, reflecting the Mediterranean influence in a modern design. We custom-designed upholstered elements and cabinetry in the space for an inviting, residential feel. The dark wood tones balance the rich pops of color, creating a classic yet modern aesthetic that is unlike any other in Palm Springs.”

In all the interiors, the designers create an aesthetic that marries the opulence of Palm Springs with a coastal Spain-inspired style. Authenticity and modernity blend in a vibrant atmosphere.

“We specialize in the revival of small boutique hotels and decidedly unique buildings with a story, breathing new life into structures with great bones layered with our philosophy of sustainability without compromising style,” says Carolyn Schneider, president, and partner of Casetta Group, the company that manages Casa Cody.

“We fell in love with the remarkable history and timeless soul of Casa Cody. We are proud to continue its legacy through the preservation of its essence and character while elevating the guest experience through unmatched service, design, and amenities.”

Echoing this approach, eco-minded products were selected throughout, such as the Parachute bedding and bath linens, certified organic bath products by MoonCloth Designs, and Ocean Bottle reusable water bottles made in part from ocean-bound recycled materials.

Ideally situated in the center of Palm Springs, Casa Cody is, however, a true oasis where the two swimming pools and an edible garden—among other features—invite guests to relax outside. Late this year, The Market at Casa Cody—described by the hotel team as “a nod to the classic local mercantiles of the southwest,” will open, providing a complete experience.

Here, every space and activity plays its part. Evening tea sessions with Masha Tea—a line by naturopathic doctor Maria Geyman—citrus picking to enjoy a glass of fresh juice and alfresco morning yoga classes contribute to making Casa Cody a serene and inspiring place, where every corner tells a story while past and present subtly intertwine. 

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Images: Lance Gerber

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