Blockchain Technology to Record Real Estate Documentation Announced

Palo Alto, California-based global blockchain real estate marketplace, Propy, Inc. is launching a pilot program to record real estate documentation using blockchain technology in South Burlington, Vermont, a state that is increasingly known for being friendly to blockchain development. 

“The startup, headed by founder Natalia Karayaneva, uses Blockchain protocols to record real estate transactions on a ledger that governments can use to tie titles to properties securely and efficiently. Propy also works to match buyers with both seller and brokers and offers information on neighborhoods where the properties are located,”  — CoinTelegraph.

“…[The Pilot project is] emblematic of Vermont’s long history of innovating business, insurance, and financial technology. We are fortunate to have a cutting edge statutory framework that enables the use of blockchain technology, and we will continue to work with the legislature to ensure Vermont remains at the forefront of these innovations.”

Michael Schirling >> Development Secretary | Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

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