South Bay Digs • August 16, 2013

Home prices in the U.S. have historically risen at an average of about 3.6% a year. Interestingly, if the housing market had not gone through the recent boom and bust cycle, and prices simply had risen at the historic average of 3.6% during the cycle, home – Manolo Blahnik prices would be almost exactly where they are today. Last year in Manhattan Beach the average sales price for Single Family Homes was $1,791,081, which would equate to a price gain of approximately $65,000 at the average price increase of 3.6%. Thus far in 2013, the average sales price in Manhattan Beach is $2,005,700 – a $214,619 (12%) increase year-over-year.
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7 Months of Real Estate | 2013.

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Sarah Baldwin’s Metamorphosis Collection.

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Fedro Chair.

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South Bay Digs • January 21, 2011

The New Year is upon us and 2011 is off to a fast start! I’ve read various prognostications on what the real estate market will do this year, and as usual, the projections are varied. For the overall U.S. economy, the outlook for GDP growth this year is in the 2.5%-4% range — yet we still have a high unemployment number and other factors that will play a role in determining how the economy will fare this year. Locally, I think the mood is ‘cautiously optimistic’ as we gear up for the all important “Spring Listing Season.”